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  2. I'm trying to use this mod in Realism Overhaul since it just got updated. What's the rescale factor to bring the size back to real size, and to bring thrust back to real world thrust? I'll try to get the config into the RO repo for future use.
  3. can you post screenshots of the interface when building with them?
  4. Buckle up, anatomically correct average 180cm person, there's no need to fall off when flying on Mars! A single engine from the Curiosity rover's skycrane used here propels a much lighter astronaut between sites of interest and a mothership rover with hydrazine. Used to same effect here, on a wider but smaller rover that can carry out an extended mission with a NASA SAFE reactor from Realism Overhaul providing 100kW and radiation poisoning. Might ferry around fuel as well. It's just over 50 tons, so it's like going on a martian safari and taking a nuclear Tiger I tank.
  5. If you download Kerbalism, its chemical processing plant part has "hydrazine production" which make monopropellant. If you go into the default.cfg the appropriate Real Fuels variables are in the comments for the corresponding section (except for hydrogen peroxide, you can just leave that as oxidizer).
  6. Playing with Realism Overhaul and about to set off for the Moon. This is not going to be a quick visit but rather a series of long-term missions. Surface infrastructure will need an element that ferries supplies, astronauts, and fuel between landing craft, habitats, geological points of interest, and ISRU mining facilities. This rover features a longitudinal and radial suspension system for *high* speed travel, accommodation for four human beings, and fuel tank for ascent vehicles. It lands packed up, the wheels swing down and the astronauts secure them with suspension struts. Pictured with painstakingly crafted facsimiles of the astronauts as per the dimensions of the average 180cm tall human being. [SOURCE]
  7. Each wheel connected to a free-moving hub, and attached to the body by struts which act like springs. Allows high speeds despite patches of terrain clipping with each other.
  8. Ok I think I see why I was having the problem I was having. I was modifying the cfg correctly to begin with, it's just that hydrogen peroxide isn't defined in the community resource pack.
  9. @nanomage @PiezPiedPy since all of these are defined in the community resource pack, for hydrazine production why can I not just delete "MonoPropellant@0.0008537763" and then uncomment the annotation with the hydrazine definition? When I tried this, hydrazine production wouldn't even show up in the context menu.
  10. speaking of ISRU, Kerbalism has a chemical plant part with hydrazine production as one of its capabilities but it only produces monoprop for vanilla, has anyone made a patch to rectify?
  11. Hi, so I'm playing Realism Overhaul with Kerbalism and I see that in the chemical plant there is an option for hydrazine production, but it only produces monopropellant in game? I see in the configs for Real Fuels it redefines monoprop to hydrazine, and the default.cfg has "// (Hydrazine..." next to the monoprop stats, but the in-game context tooltip shows oxidizer and monoprop?
  12. This realism overhaul monstrosity can do 88 m/s (197mph, 317 kmh). The drums coming out of the middle are connected to free-moving circular hubs. The vehicle would tip onto its cockpit or sit back up its engines unless I didn't have everything hooked together with struts which act like big ol' springs. F1 race cars need smooth asphalt, this beast can traverse bumpy terrain at those speeds thanks to basically 2 meters of suspension travel. And it works well! ...until
  13. any possibility for concave surface features? caves, rocks, overhangs, arches?
  14. Has anybody here gotten Tweakscale to work in the RO suite? In my previous RO install, Tweakscale worked like a charm, but now I'm getting two scale sliders. One is just allows the integer values 1 & 2 and has no effect on the size of the part, the second slider just says "default" and also does nothing.
  15. When installing mods with KSP, all provided materials are tossed into the cesspit gamedata and it just works. There is no need to overthink this, the process is much easier than you believe it to be. Whenever you install a mod, the folders with the mod's name gets chucked into gamedata. However you may find that despite correct installation, this mod may not work for all provided bombs for reasons outlined above.