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  1. @theHoleK I figured out what the issue is! I am also not using Steam so this may only be particular to users still going through the KSP store to get updates. If you have upgraded a game install from before 1.11 with "Breaking Ground" installed you are left with a folder containing duplicate Cargo Container parts that were originally only a part of the expansion. This might also happen if you did not download the latest version of "Breaking Ground" from the store. To get it to work correctly, delete the following folder: KSP_win64\GameData\SquadExpansion\Serenity\Parts\Cargo The SEQ-9 part will become available again. For some reason it has a conflict with the one added by Squad as part of 1.11 "Some Assembly Required" that is in the Squad directory. @VoidSquid I don't know if this necessitates a bug or not considering the niche case.
  2. I am definitely having this same problem. It seems to only apply to a Career Mode game, with the "No Entry Purchase Required on Research" disabled. How to replicate: Create a new Career Mode Uncheck "No Entry Purchase Required on Research" Give yourself max Starting funds and Science Upgrade Science and research up to "Advanced Exploration" Attempt to buy and use SEQ-9 I have tried a number of different ways of doing this with no success. It is frustrating because I really don't want to just "unlock all science" for the purpose of getting that one part usable. I have not figured out a way to modify my save file to make it usable either.
  3. This may be irrelevant to most people coming here, but unless I am logged in and ensure I have "Show Signatures" on, the current version of the message board does not show your signature by default. Is there a git branch where you are also working on this you can link to?
  4. First time I have posted to a challenge. And I feel like I actually did a pretty decent job. Almost all landings were unfortunately in the dark, and had at least 4 or 5 quicksave/loads due to rather poor planning on my part. Could have streamlined a few transfers, but saved some time by using the maneuver nodes to align orbits while still as far out as possible. 4 days, 20 hours, 2 minutes
  5. I agree with throwing a decoupler on the bottom of your engines. I find it helps get around the sticky launch pad problem entirely. I also use the decoupler bases with a lot of struts to stabilize a rocket that would otherwise be unable to stand on its own. When it is in your first stage when the engines ignite, it keeps the nose pointed straight and gets a clean launch every time.
  6. Vanamonde, there were numerous disasters before this landing. And it was mostly luck that I was anywhere near the arch. As I was coming in closer to land (About 1000k), I noticed a pixel or two flickering close-ish to my landing site and attempted to aim a bit closer to it. This was a close as I was comfortable trying to land. I even made it succesfully back! Although, the last moments were quite scary as my chute didn\'t actually open till I was 500m off the ground. The only mods I\'m really interested in at this point would potentially be the rover mods, I have yet to actually go through the process of installing one yet as I want to get more of the basics down.
  7. Couldn\'t help myself :-) Only been playing for a little bit, my first succesful Mun landing, and within spitting distance of the arch too! I\'m actually happy I didn\'t try to do it with any mods installed. First, to actually return to Kerbin, then to actually land with some sort of rover.
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