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  1. More advanced all terrain and military vehicles now utilize magnetic suspension that can be altered with the vehicles on-board computer.
  2. If you use JKR then you won't need struts most of the time. also, at least get the MK2 pack, SXT, and OPT. they add a very large number of very usefull parts for making complicated hulls. included are examples of hulls made with OPT, MK2, and SXT parts. I'll admit this one is older. It's from the last time i used KF. this one is very recent. though it looks like 1 hullform, it's entirely composed of a bunch of different parts that make a custom shape.
  3. DID SOMEBODY SAY MASSIVE LAND SHIPS you all know massive ships is my thing right? there's a reason my profile says "Star Frigate Designer" If you need parts backs for messing around with stuff, check out Suicidal Insanity's MK2/3 packs, MKIV systems(optional), and OPT. also, SXT. together that gives you the hullforms required for making all sorts of freaking massive and complicated space/air/land/water craft. Keep in mind you'll need to run x64 KSP simply due to the complexity, and you'll need "kerbal Joint Reinforcement" to keep your craft from falling apart.
  4. Hit the nail on the head; it has more to do with unity than the coliders them selves. There IS a kind of a way around the unity physics though; if you make each track as a single wheel in each "corner", mimicking KSP's wheels for all that jazz, and have it's friction set as a variable that alters with speed and direction(relative to the track) of travel, then have the track and hand all that as a firespitter animation that's completely irrelevant to the rest of the physics. if you do this, you could make the tracks behave like fairings, and have customizable track shapes. Just a thought. Computers are made by humans, and humans are illogical. A machine, or program, can only be as good as it's creator. Quite frankly Unity was never designed to be used for the likes of KSP; it's primarily for mobile/simple 32bit indie games. the fact that Squad, let alone all of you guys have done with it what you have is an amazing feat. also a completely random thought here; is it possible to program a colider to ignore other coliders? or ONLY care about certain ones? ie, assign the terrian a variable and have the coliders ONLY care about objects with said variable? (i've never tried this before in unity, but i know it's possible in Gamemaker3D)
  5. Oh, so it looks like SXT won't be updating their parts anymore, which brings me here... Do you think you could make a varying "bent" adapter for mk2 and mk3? like a piece of hull then bends x degrees one way or another? SXT had a 10 degree one way back when, but now that it's been discontinued.... I've used them before to make wheels with IR, and to make custom hull shapes for aerodynamics... and more importantly nice sight lines XD
  6. I have been waiting for that Front-Opening cargo bay for the longest time; you have no idea. this makes using the MK2 hulls as an aeroshell/fairing perfect! More so on the side of an aeroshell, it makes for a deploy-able housing for retrojets! (or weaponry if you're a BDA user) also, @FirroSeranel is right about the mach15 speeds, that is in fact far faster than any shuttle has entered the atmosphere; reason being that nothing can stand that much heat going either way. also, it'd be nice of the Banshee engine could be electric, or mode toggeling. it would also be realistic; (sort of)
  7. any chance of making a MK3 Ram intake. you know... for stupidly large aircraft?
  8. Im not sure how your system works, but if you have multiple collides for each wheel in the same place, or overlapping that could explain the behavior. also, because unity coliders are 2 sided (the inside respells as well as the inside of an object; it's not a one way wall), if you have an object partially or completely inside another one that can cause it to become trapped and create this infinite rotating/vibrating loop of force: that's what happens when your craft swings around and goes spinning, flying off until it explodes. In the case of tank tracks, you're better off to have the tracks animated but not as actual objects (ie have no actual physics collier) and have the wheels do all the work; the track shape can be dived the position of the wheels. Im happy to do some testing for you if you want; maybe i can spot something.
  9. Not sure if it's intentional, but your last release removed all the OPT wings i was using. They're good wings. please fix/return then in your next patch
  10. The characteristic you're describing happens when one object spawns INSIDE another in unity. becasue unity physics LOVES exponential equations, having a negative distance turns what would be a fraction, into a number with a lot of zeros. this is the case with the coliders. whatever is happening, unity thinks you have one collider inside of another, and the result is a tremendous force that should not exist. This is what happens with old wheels; they spawn INSIDE the runway and then boom. It also used to be a serious problem if you have more than 3 parts offset inside one another; it would explode on the runway.
  11. I get what you're saying; there should be {Ideally} 3 kinds of atmospheric engines; High thrust at low atmosphere, Low Velocity (good for economy; lifter engines/ bypass turbofan) Medium thrust at low-mid atmosphere, High velocity (Jet fighters) Medium-extreme thrust at upper atmosphere,VERY high velocity. (Scram) you can combine the engines into a mode changing hybrid engine with more weight and worse economy, but essentially those are the basics 'Realistically' speaking, in so far as liquid fuel jets are concerned. I would suggest a mode switch MK2 engine that changes mode from Jet to scram instead of exclusively using the atmosphere curve; just make it really heavy and have the scram be Hungry AF.
  12. 1. make is a minimum of 2.5m Diameter (no scaling smaller) 2. Minimum velocity; real scram-jets require a certain amount of speed to work 3. Minimum altitude with the curve; IE it shouldn't work very well (or at all) in thick atmosphere. I think that's the most fair. What would be nice is a low(er) power electric jet engine with near instant response and good gimbal; for VTOL applications. I mean it's easy to make one, but i don't want to take other people's models without permission.
  13. Im curious about some of the mechanics you've got for the engines... it seems that (looking from the CFGs) that each engine is really 2 engines, the interstellar engine that actually does the stuff, and then a normal KSP engine which acts as an interface for the player and other mods. Is that about right? if so it would explain the incompatibility with mods like mechjeb and TCA. they're trying to limit the KSP engines but have no idea what the KSPI engines are really doing; especially since they now have a horrible throttle down time.
  14. im pretty sure the point is to perfect the wheels it's self. any idiot can make a tank in KSP, or steal some texture files from an online resource. also, im not to sure how your setup here works, but with your tank track issue, have you considered the direction that the friction is applied? consider that you're turning a tank on the spot; the tracks are essentially moving sideways, not forwards. perhaps if there's a way to make a far greater resistance on the wheels moving sideways maybe that would help? change the perpendicular friction variables?
  15. I don't know about KSP, but unity has a native option to use the same Mesh frame AS the collision box; problem is it takes up a metric ****ton more cpu. I don't know if KSP will allow you to do that, but for unity development that's an option. at least in mean time. also, im sure anybody using opt with any other mod will probability have x64, so cpu shouldn't be as much of an issue, Also, i've notices that the wings don't seem to create as much lift as they logically should; considering their surface area and shape, there should be A LOT more upward force. i say this because the lifting bower of the J body and even the pylons are almost as much as some of the wings.... which..... is pretty wrong.
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