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  1. LOL, now that\'s a harmonic wobble if I ever seen one! That\'s before launch too isn\'t it?
  2. I find it easier to get a rocket into orbit manually instead of using mechjeb personally. Maybe I\'m not using it right, but I have lost more rockets that I know will attain orbit (done it manually b4 using MJ) trying to use MJ than I care to admit. It seems a bit buggy to me. It will engage the SAS automatically, then fight it for controll. I have to keep turning off SAS to get it to follow the defined flight path. Like I said though, this could be user error.
  3. It might be possible to burn perpendicular to your velocity vector, that changes the orbital plane orientation, and just flip it over. (Anyone want to conform/deny this?) Just remember that your current position is the axis of rotation of your orbital plane. I would imagine that as long as you keep your orientation perpendicular to the velocity vector you could flip it around. You would burn a lot of fuel in the process though.
  4. I guess its because the altitude is still above 4000m from sea level. (pretty tall mountain)
  5. Yeah, that was when I was taking the picture, but when it first happened I wasn\'t warping.
  6. No I wasn\'t warping. The craft is still orbiting Minimus, it has 'collided' several times at this point.
  7. So I decided to fly to minimus after having more than enough fuel left over on a lunar landing. Once there, I tried to attain an orbit as tight as I could get it without hitting any mountain tops. I got my periapsis down to 3908m and sat bqack and watched Minimus fly below me. At one point on my orbit, I was headed straight for a mountain and figured it was the end, but I flew right through it! I took some screenshots Inside Minimas mountain This happen to anyone else?
  8. Yeah, I kinda figured that one out. Hope in future releases it would help with aerodynamics and thus make them more than cosmetic, which is why I kept them on there after realizing that they were nothing but anchors to Kearth.
  9. This seems like an awesome idea, just wish there was more stuff on there. I\'ve spent way too much time chasing addons and not enough time playing lately. Then there\'s the problem that you come across a ship someone has uploaded that has a part that is in some pack you havn\'t dl\'ed and have a hard time finding. For example, the KW Challenger LEM has that darn triple parachute that is in the Wobbly Rockets pack, to which the DL link is broken, is supposedly been merged into the Nova pack, but I cant find it. I was gonna add it into the KW Challenger parts collection, but it seems to be illusive. There are so many different parts and mods that people have created, and they are great, but it lacks coherent organization in the forums here. It took me forever to track down the seemingly most popular mod, Mechjeb, because searching for it brings up a lot of posts. The same goes for most of the popular collections and whatnot. People mention it a lot in other topics, so a search brings up many posts that don\'t include a link. There either needs to be a sticky with links to the threads with the mods listed, or more people need to get on board with Xenolith, or something. I dont want to be a noob waltzin in ruffelin feathers but somethin needs to be done so new people don\'t get frustrated chasing this stuff down. I won\'t cause I\'m stubborn like that, but more players means more people to bring in new ideas for mods, and more revenue for the devs too. Nothing inspires hard coding work like green backs.
  10. Can you use a CAD program, like Solidworks, to do the 3D? I am very comfortable with Solidworks and the last time I tried blender, it was a wide departure from the interface I\'m comfortable with.
  11. I was under the impression that each part needed a mesh folder in them. I don\'t see any mesh folders in this collection. I am in no way experienced with making parts, and this may be a noob question, but will this still work okay?
  12. Nice Markus! Well, I finally did it after crashing several times and adding an RCS I landed on the mun. Unfortunately, I bounced twice and was able to recover and land, but I used up all the fuel I needed for the return to Kearth in the process. Now that I accomplished that using only stock parts, I suppose I can allow myself to play with the addons.
  13. I just spend an hour getting my trajectory to the Mun just right. Got my Munar orbit just how I wanted it. Saved enough fuel in my final stage to get back to Kearth and deployed my landing gear and began my descent. I had myself slowed down to about 17m/s watching the altitude and making sure to keep my nose pointed in the opposite direction of my velocity vector, and when my altitude is 883m BOOM! I crashed. The Kerbilnauts survived and the capsule is intact, but there is no hope of a return to Kearth. I constructed the ship out of stock parts and have attached a picture of it. I didn\'t know about the quick save button until I was reading another topic just before posting this. :\'( Any help suggestions, or maybe a point to a thread on how to complete the actual landing on the Mun would be appreciated. I have also attached the ship for anyone who wants to give it a go, or tweak it. It is very stable while lifting off and getting into orbit. It\'s a bit overstable before you eject the 3 main engines before the final stage, but the last stage is nicely maneuverable. Any constructive criticism on this design would be welcome. NOTE: If you decide to DL and fly the Death Machine, know that after ejecting the 1st stage you can hit space bar once to move the remaining 3 burning engines to the next stage, or you can simply wait, but you\'ll have to hit space twice in that case to eject to the final stage.
  14. Just wanted to introduce myself. The names Scurge and I\'m an Electrical Engineer. I found this game on a blog I watch daily called HackaDay (I\'m sure a few of you are familiar with it) and have become completely addicted after only a couple days playing. I\'ve got several crafts into space, a few orbiting Kerbin, and a few orbiting the sun (missed the mun). I absolutely love this game and cant wait for the completed game to come out. I do have a couple questions, but I\'ll post them in the proper threads.
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