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  1. Is there a way while using this to toggle between the units used? For instance, rovers I might want in KPH or MPH...but rockets in M/s, and aircraft in there a way to toggle/change on the fly and/or set how things are by default with this?
  2. I see... Well apparently, without me knowing, it had updated to 1.3... Never mind then, I suppose...
  3. Anyone able to give me a hand with this? I'd been playing just fine until a few minutes ago. I hadn't changed my mod list in the slightest since loading last and this newest, now-crashing attempt. Here's the Output_Log file of the problems. Anyone able to give me some direction and help here to figure this out?
  4. As it happens, yes. RealChute...I figure this isn't compatible?
  5. Is it just me, or does the parachute decoupler (the one you mount below the despin module) not work? For some reason when I mount the part in the VAB, the chute appears to be pre-deployed and there are none of the various options on right-click to set altitude etc. It acts like a normal decoupler with only ejection force being definable in the VAB.
  6. Where's the button for the procedural adjustment interface? It's saying in the tooltip for the procedural control surfaces and wings to change them up by pressing "J" or hitting the B9 tab button thing in the corner of the screen. But I have no B9 button, and hitting "J" doesn't work. Anyone got any solutions to this? It's making building aircraft impossible since the mod also seems to disable all of the default/vanilla flaps and the like.
  7. To follow on from Strout's comment, the only real suggestion anyone will have is to A) fly low and fly REALLY slow and orbit the drop area from that low altitude until the detached module lands.
  8. Mokotoid - looking at it, it seems that it's a 4-4 rocket - 4 outer boosters (the 'missing' fourth can be seen vaguely on the far side through the structural supports - the tail fin and engine nozzle gives it away), 4 secondary engines up on the radially on the main column that seems to only exist to support the payload node and a stack of control modules like SAS or probe cores that seem to serve primarily as anchors for the radial inner ring of rockets. Looking though at the way his fins are aligned I think that might be a big part of the problem as well. They're at these odd angles on some of the boosters it looks like. Simply having htem stick 'straight' on them along the center line of each stack might help as well.
  9. I already knew most of that, just wasn't aware of the numeric shortcuts being how you got there. Thanks guys. The 2 and 3 numeric shrotcuts were what I was after.
  10. I came across the image below while watching Youtube and was do you get the orientation rings that are in this pic? I've never noticed them before in all my time playing, but they seem SO MUCH easier to use than the usual orientation methods during construction.
  11. Blew something up. Mostly unintentionally. Killed Jeb, then launched a second mission, only to again have Jeb in the pod. I was confused.
  12. I think I must admit that my specialty isn't all that exciting. I think I'd have to put down "Blowing things up on the launch pad because of incompetent engineering."
  13. Are you checking at the VAB or while on a mission? The deploy option, of course, only shows up during a mission.
  14. Shame the creator didn't green the rest of the exposed skin and focused only on the face.