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  1. ya esta funcionando uno bastante bueno compatible totalmet con el KSP0.24.2 esta aqui: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/55905-0-24-7-4-Sep-9-2014-EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements
  2. De la misma forma como llegas a otro planeta, claro aquí hay que ser un poco mas precisos lo cuan se consigue durante las maniobras de aproximación orbital lo importante es que debas usar el calculador de órbitas que trae el juego y elegir el asteroide que este mas a su alcance
  3. I like the effect of clouds, when you see improve Kerbin at a distance, gives more realism I could draw my own clouds with a mean fantasy style, I still liked the results
  4. the AIES part already available here! http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/showthread.php/35383-0-20-2-AIES-Space-parts-v1-1 You can download!
  5. thank you very much for the support everyone! the full mod will be available soon and i put the links in a new post in the "Addon Releases and Projects Showcase" here is a reference basically
  6. AIES space (Agencia de Investigaciones Espaciales Suprema) The AIES project is a set pieces to make almost any type of mission, more than 80 pieces so far, engine, fuel tank of any size, Pods, fixed solar panels, SAS, rcs tank, landing legs among others. phase is Alpha and will be compatible with KSP 0.20.x is awaiting the final details to make it available to everyone. I have taken the total development for quite some time, not only in build, also replaced and usually lead to removing the oldest for a better, even this development process continues to add pieces that can be quite useful in ce
  7. very interesting these parts, if it worked KSP of the economy that would be quite useful to recycle the parts.
  8. these pieces are very well done, congratulate its creators
  9. very well is much more interesting and fun to play without Jep.
  10. it feels great to do it for the first time, I do it without any assistance and it is always a challenge.
  11. well now have to explain how we do the inside, the cabin of the pods
  12. Hola a todos, si yo hablo español también llevo jugando ksp desde hace bastante tiempo ya bueno y también hago mis propias piezas, estoy a punto de publicarlas, son mas de 50
  13. I also expect an update for this plugin I have several probes and antennas that I send to other planets.
  14. Thats it. Its only some minor actions left - like attach textures, convert all this stuff into .mu 3d files and create a config file and your first part ready, working great and makes everybodys bleed from awesomeness =) hello, one a doubt with Unity, as export to .dae or .mu?
  15. the best way to find a mistake is to see (.blend) if everything is fine here, the error may be in (part.cfg) observe how it has the original parts of the game.
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