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  1. Every single time I attempt to make a fairing the option to click stays grayed out or orange until I make the pull the fairing to some ridiculous width. I can't make any skinny fairings. Anyone know whats up with this?
  2. I started in .15, way before maneuver nodes, and I still think they overcomplicate the process of getting to the Mun.
  3. Nice plane, downloaded. It would be pretty awesome if you had a replica of the F-18.
  4. So I saw a thread earlier with a title screen of Kerbals with their helmets off, many claimed it was a hoax. I can tell you first hand it is not. I got the title screen earlier today. Sorry for the DMP window I was testing the mod and couldnt move it. Pics: This one was a pain to get as the camera flashed by the Kerbal very quickly. So yea, it may have been cleared up as not a hoax but I just wanted to show you guys, does anyone know of the chances of getting this title screen?
  5. Well considering Cacteye and the mods with it managed to delete most of the parts and ships from my game, I'm going with Tarsier tech...
  6. I can only find one from .21, are there any updated ones?
  7. I don't have any pictures, but my first Mun landing was back in .14 when we still had to use winglets to land. It was nervewracking and I spent hours upon hours perfecting the design on the ship, although it was far from perfect (the rocket would **** during launch but i managed to hold it together). I actually landed and came back perfectly, but I was nervous all the way through the flight.
  8. Definitely Vall. How could people vote Dres? I've orbited there once and vowed never to go back. It's so boring and desolate.
  9. I need to attach sepatrons to these new SRBs. They always seem to collide with my rocket stack. I think a new radial decoupler with more ejection force would be nice.
  10. Made a super heavy lifter designed to get extremely heavy things to orbit or fling astronauts out to other planets or possibly an asteroid. I call it the Nova V. The Kerbals should be more worried about the pollution from this 271 meter tall behemoth than any asteroids heading their way.
  11. This just in people, Eve has life. Infact the surface is covered in alien bacteria. Watch: Purple planet means life. Eve is purple. The only solution is Eve is covered in life. Or Eve is one huge purple organism.
  12. Well I sent one of my probes on a trip out of the solar system and while it was flying I did some other missions. When I came back the whole screen went black with my altitude meter flipping out finally stopping at a repeating 666666 before the probe exploded.
  13. No. I control my space program, anyone who tries to mess with it gets an all expense paid flight straight into being a new crater on the Mun.
  14. 637: Make me planets has perfect flat orbitz plzzzz
  15. ...Is completely useless. What's the point of having probes and orbital science labs if im only going to get 20% of the science I could actually get if I just landed back on kerbin? It's practically forcing you to go out and come back. Space stations and probes or permanent bases have no purpose in the game. Squad should really change this but maybe have it take more power. Other than that this update is amazing, but this data restriction holds me back a lot.
  16. I used to be able to land on everything, now whenever i try my craft goes flipping in every direction known to man, and why is it when i slow down when my retro marker is centered on the top it moves and i gain horizontal velocity when im going vertical??
  17. The mission was going so well, we landed on the Jebediah on the Mun, a little low on fuel but enough to get him back home. He collected the soil sample, did some science, and set off towards Kerbin to take it all home as we were short on electricity. Suddenly halfway through the burn home my little 909 gives out and poofs away. At first I was shocked, this has never happened before, I was thinking how the 909 could just disappear like that. Then it hit me, Jeb was not going home. I desperately tried to use the EVA pack to give him that boost into Kerbin orbit then eventually reentry, it would not work. I got him back into the pod and transmitted as much data as I could, which was almost nothing. I watched as the little ship fell towards the Mun, I tried to get the capsule to survive the crash, to no avail. I was trying to have no casualties in this save, especially Jeb, now he's gone. I have a flag planted where he crashed on the Mun highlands, now renamed the Jebediah Highlands. R.I.P. Jeb
  18. They announced a... RELEASE DATE? Guys, something is clearly wrong here. This does not happen, this CANNOT happen.
  19. The only game I had preordered for my PS4, delayed until Spring. Ubisoft screwed with my whole schedule here. Watch dogs would be launch game, then AC4 and Killzone for christmas, then infamous in the spring. Now im either going to get ac4 or killzone at launch, then the one i didnt get for christmas. And I have no idea whats going to happen in the spring, I wont have enough money. Thanks Ubisoft for ruining my foreseeable gaming future, i'm not nearly as excited for AC4 or Killzone as I was for Watch Dogs.
  20. Will resources eventually be a part of career mode? We havent heard anything on them in a while.
  21. It's a cool idea, but I have had months of playing with all these awesome high tech parts, to suddenly devolve and use only basic parts would not go over well with me. I might try it, but I dont see myself investing too much time in it. I'll probably stay in the (infinite) confines of sandbox mode and make things that generate science for no purpose.
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