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  1. Awesome, I got my probe in an orbit, now too circularize it. They must have some extreme heat shields on this thing.
  2. Im trying to put a probe into an extremely low orbit around kerbol. What is the lowest i can go before my probe gets destroyed?
  3. I was reentering the atmosphere after a long mission to Duna at ridiculous speeds (I purposely made my reentry speed higher) and disengaged the last stage so it was only the capsule. While reentering that last stage actually hit my capsule and sent it spinning widly. I tried to deploy the parachute but that ripped off too, likely from my ludicrous speeds and spinning. R.I.P. Nedlan, Billybob, and Bob Kerman.
  4. I would retreat into the far corners of the internet, never to return to here. In all seriousness, it would not be good, The swarm of pewdiepie fans on the forum making posts like "H0w tO M0Ve up?!" would overrun all the good posts here and everything would fall apart.
  5. Pretty sure it was an update, landing on the winglets was hard. Had to come down a lot slower than you have to these days.
  6. It has to be landing on the moon for the first time. This was back when we didnt have landing legs and had to land on winglets. Those were the days, now these newbies get all the fancy stuff just handed to them
  7. happened to me once, on my next rendevouz with the station i made sure to fly straight into the part that was obstructing the door, it got the part off, and killed 3 kerbals in the process but i got the part off!
  8. Little does anyone know, kerbals are not asexual. 17 Kerbals are required to reproduce by normal means, sadly this way of reproduction has a 76.354% chance of producing 26 male kerbals. Which means female kerbals are very scarce in this society, while males are constantly being born. This is why kerbal rockets fail so much, to limit the male population. And female kerbals are treated in very high regard in Kerbal society, which is why none of them join the space program, because no one wants to lose a female. Also, males being part of the space program is a way to prove you show more dominance than the other males, much like other male creatures fight to the death for females, if male kerbals survive their spaceflights the females think of them as the better potential mate. Soon, we will be swarmed with kerbals on the same level as Jebediah Kerman, which would only be good. Therefore, I do not think female kerbals should be in the space program, it would be too detrimental to society.
  9. Cant they just pause the game while it gives all control back to the physics engine?
  10. The joys of launching missions that will never return, how fun. R.I.P. Luke Kerman, I hope Eve is a good burial ground.
  11. I find docking a bit noobish when people just launch tiny bits of spacecraft and mosh them all together into 1 big supercraft that can go anywhere. it sort of removes the challenge of building an awesome efficient spaceship, but thats my opinion. I love docking though when it's used for space stations, I have a massive one myself although I cant really use it because of the lag.
  12. I find it easier, although that may be because i have been playing KSP for a year and a half now.
  13. After sending a manned return mission from Duna and a one-way trip to Eve (R.I.P. Luke and Phillo Kerman, I didnt mean to not have enough power to lift off) I have decided to take on a major undertaking. I want to go to Eeloo, without docking. I feel like docking is a noobish way to play, I like 1 launch to anywhere. Anyways, how do I go about getting to Eeloo? Preferably returning, although I guess I could just stick some solar panels on the lander and call it a science base, but I want these people returning. Can anyone who has gone to Eeloo or knows how tell me how?
  14. You know, so i can build the megastations I have always wanted to ever since docking came out?
  15. Fuel lines. You need to put fuel lines from your outer stacks into your center stack. Drastically increases the range your rocket can travel.
  16. So a couple of days ago I was looking at a thread about reducing lag on space stations, one guy (forgot his name) said to just weld the parts together. How do I go about "Welding" these parts?
  17. I have a Minmus encounter, but whenever i burn retrograde the orbit just flips around and i end up on the way out of Minmus' SOI? What is going on?
  18. dang, i really wanted to get this game. Any recommendations for a game like total war?
  19. Duct tape solves everything, even spaceship failures.
  20. Interesting, I never realized the Apollo 11 astronauts had suicide pills, it must have been very stressful for them to be looking at those pills probably in a case while they were on the moon.
  21. I read a very interesting article earlier about the procedure if Apollo 11 had failed. You should read it: http://www.space.com/7011-president-nixon-prepared-apollo-disaster.html Very scary to think that this could have failed, and what would have happened if it did.
  22. I probably said that completely wrong, but whenever I get an encounter with a planet there is always a purple orbit path showing what it will be like after. It makes it extremely hard to put maneuver nodes down, how do I remove that?
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