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  1. Well my computer has 4 gigs of ram. I remember a thread about fixing this, and it worked. But it was destroyed with the forum moving. I tried 1 capsule and it still persists. I did a clean install so no debris or ships. I've only played .17 for like 5 mins because of the lag.
  2. It lags immensely on the launch pad, i cant even play. Is there a fix for this? I heard it was something with the ocean.
  3. We could use you for jumpstarting our spaceplane production. PM me if your interested.
  4. Hello, and welcome to Quantum Industries, You are here because you want the best, and we will sacrifice as many Kerbals as we need to make it the best. We are currently recruiting Engineers and Testers. We currently specialize in Mun/Minmus Landings or Orbits, we also will make Kerbin orbiters. We use mostly stock parts, but you can PM me if you want a custom order. If you post a reply there is no certain date the rocket will get to you and we will only send you a stock version (sometimes Mechjeb). We do not affiliate ourselves with space planes... yet. So PM me if you would like to join or if you would like to request a rocket. NOTE: We will not answer orders for interplanetary craft yet. I will update when Interplanetary Craft are available. Pictures will be posted soon of our available craft.
  5. Hello I would like to request a 3 manned rocket to Minmus please, thanks in advance, you can use whatever mods you need to or completely stock, fine by me either way.
  6. I might seem dumb right now but how do i turn on the developer console?
  7. I prefer Apollo over everything, I mean we did go to the moon with it.
  8. Well, I have succesfully conquered the moon. But now its time to move on to bigger and better things. Okay not really bigger, Minmus is quite small, but better. I have been doing some testing and i think i found the rocket capable of reaching minmus. I just cant figure out when to begin the transfer burn. Got any ideas?
  9. Ok, i might just be the dumbest person alive, i checked all the dev posts and i cannot find anything about the new planets? can someone point me in the right direction?
  10. What is the most fuel efficient way to get into an orbit around the sun? When i do it i keep burning straight up and dont stop until im on an escape trajectory.
  11. What i did was very simple. 1: take off. 2: get into a stable orbit around the mun. 3: do a transfer burn to raise apoapsis to kerbin. I didnt even get into an orbit around kerbin, i just raised my apoapsis to where it intersected it. Then i just disengaged my command module from the rest of the rocket and pulled the parachute when it was time. By the way, Welcome to the forums! EDIT: Use vectoring engines instead of the other ones, they use less fuel and are better for precision tasks.
  12. This is a spacecraft that I have built, I call it The Kraken for its massive size. It does require Mechjeb for assistance as it is far to unstable to fly manual even with SAS as it flips out on the gravity turn, but should be fairly stable in orbit even though it would require alot of time to maneuver. I will upload a version that does not require Mechjeb for you pilots who like a challenge. This ship should be able to get to Minmus and back (I have not tried it myself). And, if your careful, can get from the Mun to Minmus and back. If you guys have any ideas on how to make this more stable (It is in early testing) please let me know, I would love for this rocket to be usable by beginners as their first deep-space rocket.
  13. I was testing out moon orbiting and decided i could go land because i had enough fuel, i came crashing down to the surface at about 400 ms and quickly fired my engines, they exploded and my capsule flew up out of the moons gravity and is now in orbit around the sun. I am currently planning a rescue mission.
  14. Get into the lowest possible orbit around Kerbin, winners will be ranked here. Make sure to post how low your orbit is. Also use the smallest and most fuel efficient design you can . And, the orbit must last. No Mechjeb or auto orbit mod, stock parts only. 1: 2: 3:
  15. Yea i overshot it at first too but luckily i had just enough fuel to land and get back safely.
  16. Thanks guys and i did land on the dark side by accident but i somehow landed and returned home.
  17. Here is the first picture from the Mun!
  18. Thanks for the help! I just succesfully landed on the moon after many realizations that i forgot critical parts!
  19. I just made my first moon landing a couple of minutes ago, i think i may keep jeb there forever . Even though many kerbals sacrificed themselves to get me here, I think it was worth all the kerbals stranded orbiting the sun. It took me 7 attempts today to get to the moon, all 7 i could get into an orbit, but hit the ground to fast. How many attempts did it take you guys?
  20. Hello, I have tried several times to land on the moon and i can't seem to do it, i always crash. So I want to know how to get into a good orbit so I have more time to plan my descent down to the surface. Any tips?
  21. Yea I know, that's why I added some bonus challenges.
  22. The goal of this challenge is to get into an orbit around the Sun, do one complete orbit and return to Kerbin safely. Post a video or screenshots. Bonus #1: Land on the Mun, then get into orbit around the Sun and return to Kerbin. Bonus #2: Land on Minmus, get into orbit around the Sun and return to Kerbin. Bonus #3: Land on the Mun and Minmus, get into orbit around the Sun and return to Kerbin. Rules: You cannot hack unlimited fuel into parts, but you can use mod parts that do not have unlimited fuel. No Mechjeb or any other autopilot/auto orbit tool. Happy Flying!
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