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  1. actually the best way to do it is to get as close to the atmos line.. around 30k meters.. gain as much speed as possible and then drop the throttle.. the distance traveled is much further but theres less air resistance, more efficiency and higher speeds.
  2. heres one i made just screwing around for a few minutes.. i call it the HATCA(high altitude trans-continental aircraft) end result.. running out of fuel with no chute is not a good idea..
  3. frame rate on the pad 0.. frame rate launching....... game crashing.. stupid physX engine
  4. ignore him.. dirt on the bottom of my shoe has a better sense of humor than him.
  5. like this.. note until multithreaded support is added to the unity3D engine, this thing WILL NOT FLY!
  6. yeah the problem is the physX engine is causing all the lag, have the same problem on a couple of my ships since the physX engine controls all the movements on the ship..
  7. yeah it doesn't help in this game though.. the physics don't like things hanging off one side of the rockets away from the command module like that..
  8. speed up slightly as you release it.. it will counter the rear pushing force when decoupled. or use nova's mechanical decoupler which has almost no decoupling push. so you burb the throttle as you release it and let off on the power so you don't screw your orbit up. it will put the satellite in orbit at the correct speed.
  9. go into the cfg for those parts and play around with the Mass on them. the default setting is to low and is causing them to shake around.
  10. like ^^^^ said.. ingame pictures would be nice.. would like to try these out but without seeing them its bad enough adding more parts and adding to the 6 minute load time for my game given that i have over 200 parts in my part folder..
  11. its a seperate program, so like foamy said just put it anywhere.. personally i put the kspcalc folder in the main ksp folder so its easier to get to.
  12. tried loading the craft file.. it loads 3/4 of it then claims parts are missing, except its the same parts its already loaded so they are obviously there.
  13. nice.. never thought about doing something like that.. kudo's for giving me some idea's of what to do in KSP again because i was running out of them.
  14. this isn't your thread so go change the subject in your own thread. stay on topic or don't post at all, its not a hard concept to understand.
  15. throttle control.. once its off the ground you really don't need more then 3/4 throttle. once you are past about 10000 meters you can drop the throttle a little more, once past 36000 meters you can drop it almost to half throttle and still accelerate. you can not leave it at full throttle otherwise it will overheat.
  16. yes all the performance limitations are due to the game being single threaded(nothing the dev's can do until the unity3D dev's update the engine to support multithreading. as as you lock the game to 60fps in the settings your gtx 470 should be sitting almost idle with the game maxed out. nice rocket btw, Op'er..
  17. use fraps, it will allow you to do screenshots plus record. found a problem with the design.. you really should use radial decouplers on the solid boosters, otherwise the 3 liquid engines on that same stage end up carrying dead weight and SRB's + sas modules are heavy. i added the radial decoupler and was able to put your rocket into orbit.
  18. yep atmospheric heat will be added at some point.
  19. try clicking near the connection point, usually works for me or i just grab another one, it'll disappear when you launch and come back to the VAB anyways.
  20. 3 seconds of changing 1 number in the config and problem solved.. hell the amount of time it took you to make that post you could of fixed it..
  21. because no one has until now.. ignore him.. hes a useless thread crapper..
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