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  1. Yes yes yes omg yes. I've been making KSP versions of Orbiter craft in the stock game and this is great.
  2. Yeah dat fps. I spent a lot of time excessively worrying over the details of the vid in the weeks before KPE3. Stuff like tweaking how one shot cuts to the next, working with the sound effects, and cleaning up the footage to rid it of studders. Fates have a sense of humor
  3. At first I hated the Crater biome because it was difficult to get "high over" and "low over" gravioli scans. But I really started to like the idea of a hard-to-reach biome on Duna once I started exploring from ground level. It gives Duna a balanced biome map. 5 biomes normally isn't that many, but when one is very difficult to locate, you have a different challenge.
  4. KSP inspired music. https://soundcloud.com/billy-winn-2/sets/kerbal-space-program-inspired
  5. Near the poles. The biome is small and very difficult to find without using the biome visibility cheat. If you do want to use the cheat, the biome is coloured purple.
  6. I try really hard to not kill kerbals in my career savegame. Like, really really hard. I haven't killed anyone since version 0.22 with a failed mission to Bop. Landing stage ran out of fuel on the capture burn. With the crew already in high orbit and knowing of the low gravity, I had Willis Kerman get out and try to gather science from the surface as a last ditch effort to make the trip worth while. He landed and he began his accent. However I quicksaved too late into the accent and he didn't have enough EVA fuel to make it back to orbit or to slow himself down when he descended. The transit ship was unable to catch him as it had barely enough Dv to return to Kerbin. I kill a lot of Kerbals in my sandbox savegame, but that never means anything to me. Willis was the only Kerbal I've never been able to save (even with extensive quickloading) and that does mean something. TLDR : I killed a Kerbal on Bop and RP too much.
  7. I hire to make a somewhat balanced roster. Some are full courage-no stupidity / vice versa, others are full courage-full stupidity / vice versa and a few others are no courage-no stupidity and vice versa. This literally doesn't matter to the game but it makes me feel like I'm being useful.
  8. Only 3 active missions but I have 110+ satellites in my save file that instead of deleting, I simply set to "Station" and then filter out of my map view.
  9. RIDE THE COMET!!! (kudos if you get the reference)
  10. The Kerbal experience system was originally planned as a way of boosting certain characteristics of your craft. That got me thinking... Now that we know that won't happen, what are your thoughts on a similar process happening to the Kerbals themselves? Let me explain my idea. What if when you hire an Kerbal you could train 'em to become one of several roles/classes(for a funds cost of course). For example you could train a kerbal as a mechanic and only then would that kerbal be able to repair wheels and repack chutes. Or maybe you could train 'em to become a scientist and only then would that kerbal be able to remove data from instruments on EVA and operate the Lab part. You could train a Kerbal to have multiple roles/classes but the more you train them, the higher the funds cost. All Kerbals would be capable of controlling manned capsules, making Crew reports, making EVA reports, and planting flags regardless of role/class. Each Kerbal's role/class could determine the color of the EVA suit's helmet marking. Trainable roles/classes: None - Grey - The class of a Kerbal you just hired. Has no outstanding traits what-so-ever. Mechanic - Brown - Can repack chutes, repair wheels, and do anything relating to activating parts while on EVA. Scientist - Blue - Can collect data from science experiments on EVA and can operate the mobile Lab part. Geologist - Green - Can gather surface samples and must be present to transmit the sample's composition. Pilot - Orange - Can operate a craft from an external seat and has the navball visible while on EVA. Other roles/classes: Multiple - Red - Has multiple roles/classes. Perhaps instead of a red marking, the marking would be decided by combining the colors of the roles/classes the Kerbal has been trained in. V.I.P. - Black - A Kerbal who has payed your space program in exchange for being on a flight. Would be a med-high paying contract depending on what the V.I.P. wants to see. So what are your thoughts on this?
  11. If some of the guys who showcased 0.23.5 seemed braggy, my view is that it was likely an issue with their delivery. I've chatted with every member quite a bit over the last year and they are all quite nice and friendly. None of them are the kind of people who say "I have something you don't" and mean it as a serious statement. That's my view at least, but I could be wrong as my outlook doesn't cover every second of the content they produce.
  12. ♪ We are the Kerbals, the Kerbals are we! This is our anthem, it doesn't rhyme. ♪
  13. @BigFatStupidHead I know what you mean. The "vast expanse of black" is a bit of a problem when filming any shot behind a moon/planet. Of course you can increase the shot's brightness in post processing, but the result of doing so looks ugly nine times out of ten.
  14. *gasp!* You have the gift. I'm off to alert Danny right away.
  15. It is a very nice picture, but a link to the original creator would be nice. I'm not angry, in fact I'm quite glad that you shared this amazing piece of photography with the forums... but please link to the original and give credit. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/16723-UNOFFICIAL-FANMADE-0-17-Discussion-Thread-2/page88
  16. This is going on my Eve base. Whether or not the chair melts, they'll be quite glad to have it.
  17. Removing the highlight using F2 would really make filming a bit easier. Filming in windowed mode and moving the cursor off the KSP window is a solution, however some free screen recorders may become rather confused by doing so (Well from my experience at least). A work around / solution to all this is to set the game's Flight UI setting to Tiny, mouse over the Resources tab and film all you want (Works best with static shots and Kerbcam aided shots. For some reason when mousing over the Resources tab the green highlight doesn't appear. Not the case with the other gauges). While editing all you have to do is crop out what you need to. If your game's resolution is 720 or higher a slight zoomed crop shouldn't be noticeable. I recommend doing some visual quality testing camerawork prior to adopting any new techniques.
  18. Universe Replacer and Hyperedit. Links are at the bottom of the original post.
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