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  1. mintyhippo136

    [0.22] ISA MapSat 4.0 Dev Build

    Could I possibly get a complete version of the artifacts.dat file? I kept the GUI and CSV data from a previous game, but I misplaced that file so my maps don't show their locations, and I'd rather not re-map the necessary bodies at the moment.
  2. mintyhippo136

    SPACE STATIONS! Post your pictures here

    Replica of the ISS! bottom view ^
  3. mintyhippo136

    [UNOFFICIAL/FANMADE] 0.17 Discussion Thread 2

    Yes, gas giants are 90% H/He In 1st 2nd and 3rd generation solar systems (Sol being 3rd gen). But it would be possible to have gas giants made of heavier elements such as chlorine or phosphorus in younger generation solar systems. A 1st gen system for example wouldnt even have rocky/metalic planets, but after cycling through star formation until the 3rd generation, metal is abundant. Given enough generations of stars, chlorine could become more abundant than hydrogen. And why couldn't a planet of phosphorus be gaseous? It is a nonmetal and assuming there was enough phosphorus in one place to form the majority of a planet, if it was close enough to the sun I don't see why it couldn't be gas, unless the amount of phosphorus required to be the size of planet would already create too much pressure to remain in a gaseous state... Hmm
  4. mintyhippo136

    KGSS Journal Volume. I Edition. 2

    Both of the journals have been great and I can\'t wait to see how it develops as the game becomes more complex. With the addition of more planets and moons, a great article could be written about complex gravity assists and timing launches for such things. I\'m thinking about writing an article to submit, but I\'m not sure that I\'m knowledgable enough for my ideas.. I was thinking the journal could add a recurring 'Addon Showcase' to each issue which would review a popular, innovative, or useful addon. Or an addon that could be used for mock science missions like the various telemetry and mapping addons or space stations. Another idea for a one-time article could be a comparison of multiple rocket designs such as in-line lifters, sky cranes and others. Time for brain-storming.. Anyways, here are two Munar maps I made with the help of the KGSS journal: I have 4 maps for all 3 bodies if anyone\'s interested in those. (BW and RGB, w. and w/out contour lines)
  5. mintyhippo136

    ISS Challenge

    I was attempting to build a replica of the ISS and put it into orbit, but then realized it would be impossible for me to launch the entire thing at once, so for a quick solution I built the ISS and resorted to editing the persistence file to get it into orbit. In order to make up for that, this challenge is my next goal... Using the Orbital & Planetary Construction mod, construct a space dock of any design, launch it into a 400 km orbit and use it to launch a replica of the ISS with the 'SpaceBuilt' part. Preferably, you should deliver every part that you use for the ISS, but if you\'re just interested in putting the ISS into orbit, you can deliver 'SpareParts' instead. For the ISS, I used the ExPI mod, but you can use any mods for station parts. For an added challenge, try delivering the parts with a semi-reusable space plane!
  6. mintyhippo136

    Looking for creative members to join a project

    I\'d love to help!
  7. mintyhippo136

    Astro-photgraphy/imaging anyone?

    It should work now.
  8. mintyhippo136

    Astro-photgraphy/imaging anyone?

    I don\'t have a motorized mount so I\'m limited in what I can image but here are a few of my attempts. Transit of Venus Venus>Moon>Jupiter Four of Jupiter\'s Moons
  9. Has anyone found an efficient way to launch large space stations or bases? I have spent the last few days trying to launch a Munar base using the ExPI - Space Station mod. I\'m trying to build a simple square base made of 4 2x3 station modules with nodes at the corners, but I can\'t seem to get a rocket stable enough to even get into orbit. I made a base made entirely of stock liquid fuel tanks so I could just have the base double as fuel for a smaller lifter, but even that didn\'t work. With the station mod I\'m going to try to put a small rocket under each corner, but I\'m not hopeful.. Another idea: use the Orbital Construction mod to land a small rover or lander on the moon with the Space Dock part, and just land multiple missions next to it with the Cargo Ship part and parts for the station. Then build the base with the Space Built part. Unfortunately, I have little experience with that mod so I don\'t know if the space built part puts the design next to the space dock (no matter where it is) or just in orbit. Ideas?
  10. mintyhippo136

    How could we provide more of a challenge to KSP?

    Which would make us have to have enough hydroponics modules to handle the (ZO2?) load. There could be different types of modules with differ amounts of plant matter which would be displayed like fuel mass. Or if the hydroponics was not intended for food in a certain mission, but was for a scientific purpose like studying plant growth in 0 Gs, we can add a small hydroponics lab module along with a ZO2 filter.