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  1. I am sorry to report that I have the same issue as Zadfield. When using KJR Next, my rotational servos won't work. (To be fair, I haven't tested them when they aren't clipped through other parts, but...) However, when I use the debug version, the servos work just fine. I have no means to upload a craft right this moment, but I will try to do so very soon.
  2. To cut off any people about to ask (not that they're reading this...): There will be a showcase of the UI later on. Confirmed on Twitter. This is just showing off the Action Group controls.
  3. I'm aware you may not be able to say, for a variety of reasons (publisher's rules, Steam being inconsistent, etc, etc.): But could you specify roughly when the DLC is going to release/unlock? May 30th is a bank holiday in the Netherlands, and it would be a proper shame if Breaking Ground releases on 2 AM... May 31st, but technically still the 30th because it's still the 30th in the United States! Haha! Technicalities! Get my orbital drift?
  4. Normally I'd edit, but I think this is important enough to double-post: I think I've found the culprit: I'm missing Toolbar Controller 1.0.0. Is that a new dependency? EDIT: Yeah, it's working again. Get Toolbar Controller! @KaiserSoze
  5. Here's the output_log https://ufile.io/xd451 If I recall correctly, that's with Launch Numbering 0.5.1 and ClickThroughBlocker
  6. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to fix it. I have Launch Numbering 0.5.1 and both ClickThroughBlocker and Neither version helped a thing.
  7. I think I have the same issue as Sokol has. Upon loading into the vehicle, something explodes (and it's usually something on TOP of my rover colliding with the surface...?) before the whole rover just flips. You mentioned working on it, but I figured I'd confirm the issue (if it's even the same or similar.).
  8. Oh, no. I remember looking at the mod, and I have it bookmarked. I just didn't remember having it installed. This is all on me.
  9. Yup. It's "Missing History", which I didn't remember installing, and didn't see when I went through my list of mods the last three times I checked. Thanks for the answer!
  10. Pardon me for a possible very silly question, but... Did the LV-T30 and -45 get completely new models in 1.4(.x)? Or are they supposed to have variants? I can tell those engines look quite different now, but I can't remember if they're supposed to have variants that also include their old models. I'm running a modded installation, and that's confusing me a bit here. Thanks for the response.
  11. Can we not refer to people who are on a lower end of processing and graphical power as "potato users", or similar? Incredibly demeaning.
  12. I'm not. But it doesn't make the poem less apt.
  13. But multiple DLCs do not create a recurring transaction, or GTA5 would have had more DLC for its single player. Note how they don't have that. I don't know how they would make that work for KSP, but microtransactions or loot boxes are THE way to create a recurring consumer spending opportunities. Not DLC. DLC you buy once. And why sell something once when you can sell it over and over again. AGAIN, I don't know how they would make that work in KSP. But the fact EA tried to sell actual online game progression through loot boxes in Battlefront 2(actually 4) tells me Take-Two has already h
  14. "Recurrent consumer spending" opportunities is fancy talk for "microtransactions". You don't buy DLC/expansions over and over again (recurrent).
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