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  1. I can launch the craft and access it as normal, I just get the error in the "Open Craft" menu. Do you get the same thing? I can launch the craft and access it as normal, I just get the error in the "Open Craft" menu. Do you get the same thing?
  2. Just posting here to Confirm, but after upgrading my save to 1.11, this mod fails to show up and causes an error messsage when loading craft files of "Unknown Module" for TrajectoriesVesselSettings. I am guessing this is because the mod simply fails to load with 1.11, more than anything.
  3. I'm loving the screenshots! Regular updates will quell any speculation of a rocky development cycle, as well as calming frustration over repeated delays. Cheers and I hope to hear from you all soon!
  4. AM-07 Ursa II after dropping off the first 8 parts of the first Minmus Mining Base in my newest save:
  5. If you want a simple, casual experience, get Simplerockets. If you want a much more full experience that is, in my opinion, better in every way, then get Kerbal. I got this game in 2012 for 15 bucks and I have over 1700 hours into the game. It's the best money I've ever spent for a video game, and I recommend it wholeheartedly.
  6. If we don't get anything else, my vote would be for colonies. The single biggest issue with KSP is the "why" of landing on planets and going places. Once you go for flags and footprints, that's about all you can do. Science and ISRU have gone a long way in KSP 1, and colonies will be the next big step in KSP 2.
  7. I'm glad they are putting a lot of thought into this mechanic. One of the biggest missing pieces was the "why" of landing rockets on all of the worlds in the original game, and the colony system will go a long way toward answering that question. Creating orbital drydocks and surface colonies with ACTUAL game mechanics driving them will be a joy! KSP2 when!?
  8. Huzzah! I am glad you took it into consideration. I love the new plan too. Block 1 can't get here soon enough!
  9. Have you give any thought to releasing a Version 1 of this pack? I love the parts, but I think working on this pack in phases would allow you to release something to us salivating users, while you work on different versions/iterations of the pack. For example, you could release the engines and trusses in version 1, but version 2 could incorporate the inflatable/rotating habitats, and version 3 could incorporate spaceport/shipyard parts. I only say this because I have been following development for 2 years, but I don't know that you have released anything. This makes me reluctant to support you on Patreon, etc simply because there is no plan to release the parts. Hope you take this suggestion into consideration. Sincerely, A long-time fan of the project.
  10. Buy the PC version. It has the most mods, is the original, and arguably the best supported (as opposed to the console versions). if you have a choice, choose PC.
  11. Project "New World" has commenced. This will be an Interplanetary craft that will have the task of landing everything needed for a colonization and science excursion in one shot. The design is restricted to airless bodies, but that's most of them in Kerbal so it should be a workhorse going forward. Hope to use it on a Dres excursion after my Duna Mission.
  12. Yep. I have about 1500 hours that I accrued (off Steam, so no accurate count) in about 2 years, and I am just now getting back into it after a 2-year hiatus. I have about 175 hours into my current save and will likely put in another 500 when all is said and done. You are just beginning and you will love every second of it!
  13. I am a modaholic. I need about 10-20 mods to have any serious playthrough in a given save. For me, mods add so much to the experience because they provide elegant, useful extensions to the game. I will say this though: stock playthroughs really make you think outside the box. Think about what stock lacks: Robotics, life support, autopilot, delta-v readouts, etc. Not having these things forces you to have a deeper and more creative interface with the game. I prefer elegant solutions to many of these issues, and so I use mods, but streamers like EJ_SA have showed me that a stock playthrough requires a lot of imagination and ingenuity. For me, the fun of a playthrough is NOT for example figuring out how to shroud a payload for launch (before fairings were stock) or how to get cargo bays and doors (before they were in the game), but actually developing the payloads, bases, etc. and seeing them come to fruition. In short, I understand the pride but it's akin to using a toy robotic arm to drive to work..you did it but there's a much simpler way to do it.
  14. Well reading is fundamental..thanks for the heads up haha.
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