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  1. Mission to Mun: 1:09:36 http://imgur.com/a/5sic2
  2. It took me a few tries, but I didn't take new screenshots everytime I launched.
  3. Since no one's had success, heres a hint. Quicksave and find out the MET when Exlorer 7 will be at periapsis, then find out how long it will take the rescue craft to get there. Subtract the two and you have your launch time. No need for a perfect rendevous, once you're within 10km's or so Jeb can space walk over.
  4. Stock Craft Kerbin to Duna: 15 Days, 6 Hours, 23 Mins, 0 Secs http://imgur.com/a/UecHb
  5. Uh oh, Jeb's run out of fuel, he'll need an emergency rescue. LifeFlight I is standing by on the pad with a rescue crew ready to launch. Save the attached .SFS file in in your Saves/scenarios folder and have at it. Success is when you have Jeb safe on KSC property. pastelink.me/dl/bd9047 http://imgur.com/a/eVKaj I made the rendevous then did a sling shot around the moon to get off of an escape course. Took me a few tries at reentry to land back at KSC, I ran out of fuel 15 meters from the ground and had a hard landing.
  6. Okay... so the problem is basically that the erkle warpclamp inherits the decoupler class class ErkleWarpClamp : DecouplerGUI So when I check if the rootpart is a decoupler, it answers yes. I should be able to make an exception for Erkle: if(this.vessel.rootPart.GetType().ToString() == "ErkleWarpClamp") I don't have time to test it this morning, but this might work... https://github.com/Veterok/EscapePod/tree/erkleCompatible/Plugins
  7. Don't underplay your contribution, you did the diagram with the green circles! I think I know what's causing it... I'll see if I can fix it. I wasn't able to reproduce the problem... but EscapePods are not going to be able to play nice with ORDA, they both run debris into a vessel, and are certain to step on each others toes trying to do so. You don't need to use these pods with ORDA though, it includes ORDA pods doesn't it?
  8. You probably mounted the ASAS upside down relative to the capsule.
  9. Zoolotac EscapePod has a gyro effect on the escape pod. It flys pretty much like a real command pod. http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/showthread.php/17439-PLUGIN-PART-16-Zoolotac-EscapePod-v1-2
  10. You're probably switching focus to the decoupler. After you decouple the escape pod there are three things you can focus on, two ships, and one floating decoupler. Both ships are controllable as long as they have a kerbal on board. The decoupler is just debris. Just copy the part, and change one line in the .cfg file delete: module = CommandPod add: module = EscapePod
  11. That's not at all how lagrange points work, they do not act as gravity wells. The game can simulate lagrange points easily, you just add up all the gravitational forces each frame, but solving for the position of the spacecraft at any given point in the future would require numeric integration, there are no shortcuts like there are for two bodies. This would mean that the orbit map view wouldn't be able to predict your trajectory accurately. If you can solve the n-body problem without numeric integration I'm sure the dev's would be happy to add lagrange points, and you'll get a nobel prize to
  12. It was 640k, though supposedly Bill never really said it.
  13. Can you settle the great Duna approach velocity debate? (assuming a hohmann transfer from Kerbin)
  14. 2200 m/s is too low. You will be traveling at a speed greater than Duna's escape velocity. 4-6 km/s is probably in the ball park. You'll aim for a low periapsis, so you can bleed off enough speed to get below escape velocity. It might be worth it to bring wings so you can raise or lower your flight as needed. But yeah, either a huge lander, or an orbiting return stage that you rendezvous with. You could send two rockets, one with a lander, and the other with the return stage (and a crew tank). That means you need to land a rocket just big enough to get into Duna orbit, instead of landing a s
  15. Good job erkle! if (TimeWarp.CurrentRateIndex > 0 || mJoint && averageOffset.magnitude > 0.3f) { vessel.Translate(averageOffset * 0.5f); otherClamp.vessel.Translate(-averageOffset * 0.5f); previousTargetOffsetValid = false; } This doesn't seem to work under warp, the vessels drifted away then snapped back when warp ended. Edit: I should mention I used the Escape Pod mod, it might have been caused by some interaction there.
  16. If you're new to programming and game making Unity is a pretty big hunk to chew on. Consider something smaller and lightweight, love2d is good.
  17. It's got a gyro, it may no behave exactly the same as the one in the command pods, but it should be pretty close.
  18. I tried an aerosling around Kerbin, and even with a total lift of 7.8 on a 1 man command pod and near empty fuel tank I couldn't get much effect. It probably won't be worth touching the atmosphere of any planet you don't want to orbit or land on.
  19. Not exactly, it's not as simple as just slowing down using the atmosphere, that can only get you down to an orbit similar to Eve's. But you'll be performing a slingshot at the same time, a sling shot just above the atmosphere might change your trajectory by (pulling a value out of the vacuum) 60 degrees. If your ship generates lift you can use the atmosphere to get that to 180 degrees. Whether that saves you energy over just doing multiple slingshots around Eve will depend on whether it takes more deltaV to get from Eve to Kerbin(what you'll have coming in) or Eve to Moho(what you want going o
  20. Does that work? I just assumed it didn't actually call your class until the VAB.
  21. I didn't really want to throw in a bunch of overloads just to get it to compile. Long story short, you can't configure it monodevelop, you have to build it from the command line. Well, I got it figured out. You can't target the .NET3.5 framework in monodevelop and use the csc.exe included in .NET v4. I tried removing the 4.0 system and system.core references and pointing to the 3.5 dlls, but it automatically adds a reference to the 4.0 System.Core, and fails to compile. Handily the error message has the complete command line that it tried to execute, so I copied that into a batch file and remo
  22. That explains the problem. Maybe there's a hidden option involved, but Monodevelop seems to link the framework to the compiler, when I target the 3.5 framework MonoDevelop switches to a 3.5 compiler and stops allowing optional arguments.
  23. Well now I can't get MuMech working. I'm using MonoDevelop it compiles fine with both .NET and MONO 4.0, but all MuMech parts are grayed out in the VAB. When I try to compile in 3.5 I get a bunch of "default parameter specifiers not allowed" errors as in, public void MyFunction(bool MyBool = false;){}. Is it correct that default parameters are not valid until .NET 4.0?
  24. I believe this will be possible in .17, scenario logic modules will allow code to be tied to a game save.
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