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  1. Given its similarities to KSP, does anyone have experience with From the Depths? Just picked it up for $6.00 and WOW is it complicated. And it has like the worst UI I've ever seen. But I see a lot of potential here.
  2. This is all your fault.
  3. Page 1337 does not disappoint.
  4. Started playing in March of 2012 when someone made a thread about it on a Runescape forum. I played the demo, then bought it that same day.
  5. wut
  6. I doubt aliens would get kids that aren't already interested to play a game like KSP.
  7. Porkjet's departure is a blow to future graphical improvements. Beyond that, it's not really clear yet what the difference will be.
  8. We're guaranteed either a release, or title snark.
  9. When the space madness takes hold, I'm not sure I want to share a cabin with Bob.
  10. This. I'd love to see more launch sites, or at least runways, but I'd rather not have any hint of military or weapons in the stock game.
  11. Thanks, reducing engine gimbal to 15 worked.
  12. I've been trying to launch this rocket for a while, and within a few seconds of ignition, it starts wobbling uncontrollably. On the pad: Without the fairing: I've tried launching without the fairing, without the solar array, and without the ISRU. I've tried disabling torque on the reaction wheel. I've tried re-seating each part in case it's a clipping error. I've even tried moar struts, but nothing makes a difference. KJR doesn't seem to be working in the 1.2 Pre (either that or it's not helping), so no luck there. Any advice is appreciated.
  13. Should I tell them? I kind of need the money.
  14. I'm a long-time player, but I've never been much good at efficiently building for interplanetary missions. Though I've gone interplanetary, it's pretty much just luck if I make it or not. No matter what, I can't seem to build a craft with more than 11km/s dV. I'm basically looking to have two questions answered: 1. How do I find out exactly how much dV a trip will take? I've seen dV maps, but don't have much of an idea how to read them. 2. How much dV should each stage have, starting from LKO?
  15. "That's normal, don't worry about it." - Buzz Aldrin.