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  1. I thought the CPU is the number cruncher, and the GPU is the picture painter.
  2. Also remember, you can still play single-player. Multi-player does not remove that feature.
  3. We've had Sips of the yogscast do a small series, We've had the Yogscast live stream KSP, we currently have Duncan and his series but it's finally happened... http://youtu.be/eaR-kphfl28?t=9m15s Skip through to 9:15 to hear a teaser from the most popular and one of the most polarizing characters of youtube.
  4. Yeah the, "I don't want my stuff destroyed" argument is pretty weak. That's more of an issue of choosing your friends, not a game issue.
  5. I've had this happen back in .16, except it sent it to interplanetary space.
  6. I've had the weird vapor trails happen to me before when I was flying at the island runway. At first glance I thought the island shot missiles at me, freaked me out for a second until I remembered what game I was playing.
  7. I would very much like for them to implement some point in which your reaction wheels are at max or min torque and you have to use RCS to reset them. Although the game might get a little too complicated
  8. Only in KSP can a thread like this not turn into a pointless argument in which people yell at each other like the youtube comment section. This truly is a great community.
  9. I use only stock parts, and I don't think i'm better than everyone else.
  10. Ok, lets not let this turn into a Kurtjmac vs Scott Manley vs Danny2462 youtube channel debate.
  11. Your "solution" may be the most kerbal way to deal with the problem.
  12. Duncan seems to slowly be learning how to play, and his latest video is probably in the top five on my list of funniest KSP commentary videos XD. Honestly did not think he would learn how to play so fast.
  13. It might have something to do with kerbals spamming his Farlands or Bust Series demanding more Kerbal Space Program. Just saying...
  14. I was talking about the mod you suggested
  15. Yeah, docking can be tricky. Watching youtubers like Kurtjmac and Scott manley can help, but the best advice for improving is just to practice in low Kerbin orbit. Hi Capt'n Skunky! (Guy that will most likely be posting below me)
  16. Hi there, it's pretty common for new users to have to refer to youtube to understand how to get into orbit for the first time. Including me. Welcome to the forums.
  17. I like to use it to look back at what I have done. @ person above me. What happens when you do this to an active mission? O.O
  18. What did you name the area you put the flag? Oh, and, welcome to the forums.
  19. Hello, welcome to the forums
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