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  1. Bully056

    STAR WARS Set 1

    Sweet, now any chance you can add in a Recusant class or Munificent-class?
  2. Bully056

    STAR WARS Set 1

    So long as it has the little Mini-Ghost at the back that can detach Also keep the Acclamator class, it's meant to be a slow lumbering frigate/Troop Transport after all
  3. Bully056

    [0.25] Astronomer's Visual Pack - Interstellar V2

    Agreed, I would Recommend CKAN to any KSP user who likes to mod there games, I may just wait to use this until it is updated
  4. Bully056

    [0.25] Astronomer's Visual Pack - Interstellar V2

    EVE works fine for me, it's just Boulder Co. that crashes the game.
  5. Bully056

    [0.25] Astronomer's Visual Pack - Interstellar V2

    The Bolder Co. File Crashes my game. are the Files updated to 1.0 or are they still in .90 Format?
  6. What mod is that Rotating Weapon Rack from?
  7. I am just going to Post a List here of 10 things that might be interesting to see in this mod. 1) Parafrag Munitions: retarded fragmentation bomb Weight: 23 pounds (10.4 kg) 2) Tiny Tim Rocket: 11.75" unguided surface attack rocket with 500 lb. (227 kg) semi-armour-piercing warhead 3) Type 3 Mk.27 Bomb-Rockets: Air-launched unguided anti-aircraft rockets with phosphorus incendiary proximity-fuze warhead 4) PTAB-2.5 Munition: Multiple anti-tank bomblet 5) VAP-250 Munition: Phosphorus dispenser 6) SC 2000: General purpose bomb 7) RS-132: Rockets with demolition warhead 8) AJ-2 Ampoules: Napalm dispenser 9) 4.5" M8 Rocket: General purpose rocket 10) VB-2 Bat Bomb: Radar Guided Glide Bomb for Anti-Shipping Role Number 6 is a Bit overkill but would like to see it in the mod any how. Don't know if number 10 is even Possible. Edit: any way we can get a Ballistic Missile with Changeable Warheads and maybe the V2 Ballistic Missile?
  8. Ah, the RBS-15. Threw me off as it looks like something Russia Would Design XD
  9. Also what is the Second Cruise Missile based off of? is it a Modified Kh-55?
  10. Saying the File was not found, Also I have to lol at the Pz-IV Image in the background of the Parts main Picture as if you look closely it's the One from Girls Und Panzer before the Side Skirts and Turret Spaced armor was added
  11. Wouldn't Mind him Adding a MOAB or even a Short Range Ballistic Missile like the OTR-21 Tochka or the MGM-140 ATACMS.
  12. Weird, I have never had those Issues before.
  13. Was just asking, It's His mod so if he want's to add it is his choice