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  1. It kept me distracted for a bit, now that it's over I have to find something else. Has anyone tried getting a Kerbal into space using a trebuchet made with KAS??
  2. I realise some people may be skeptical regarding this, if I actually did this in real time or not. This is the best proof I can offer: A screenshot of the steam overlay, showing the game time of my current session. I would like to say that I wasn't watching the screen for the whole duration of the mission, most of it I was either out studying or asleep. I only contributed when necessary (correction burns, stuff like that). Also, I left this running for the duration of the lecture just after the explosion, so the actual mission was 90 minutes less than what's shown. - - - Updated - - - I messed up my launch, the booster stage collided with a fuel tank after detaching. Still almost completed without it. I agree with using KAC though, I used all of what was left of my fuel (both rocket and mono) to try and get to Kerbin before I had to go to my lecture. Assuming the kraken didn't get to me, Deadly Reentry would have destroyed my ship or parachutes
  3. At least I remembered to plant a flag on the Mun, explaining the mission. It was carefully worded, so it's now a memorial to them. Until I take it down, to get rid of the tabs in the Tracking Centre. Or start a new game. Still, I was really excited to see if my vessel would have survived the reentry I'd set up
  4. I... I don't know what happened... Just over an hour ago, I used all the fuel I had left (rocket and monoprop) to increase my velocity enough so I could do reentry before my next lecture, due to start in 10 minutes. I was at an altitude of 327,937m going at 3011.1m/s when... ...I just exploded... 2 days, 2 hours, 6 minutes and 30 seconds ingame. Just over 14 hours in total I believe. Farewell, Theorie and Sherny Kerman, your sacrifice will not be in vain: I can add random explosion to my No-Liability Policy.
  5. Landing complete, no incidents to report Now just another long wait on the way back, then Deadly Reentry time
  6. Just a quick update: I'm 20 minutes away from my 19Km periapsis, I've decided to land during the munar night... without lights... Yeah, I reckon this mission will be over shortly
  7. Ok, awake now. I just want to clarify that most of this mission (moving through space) is actually happening unattended, I'm only around for parts of it after lectures and stuff. As for the me being bored part, this is actually a good distraction. Somehow. Anyway, I'm just past Apoapsis now, and needed to corrected my course so I don't smash into the Mun sometime during Ethics. Might still smash into the Mun on landing, though.
  8. I know what you mean, that's why I decided to start late at night, so all the travelling would happen while I was asleep. Doesn't really work when you can't sleep. I actually considered recording or livestreaming the mission, just so I have video proof of doing it. I figured no one really wants to watch a real-time munar mission though.
  9. I know how you feel. Infact, I started to regret this decision almost immediately after starting Update: Tried to get some sleep, woken up by flatmates (it's 2.26am here O.o) and everything's fine... not much else to say...
  10. To be honest, this is probably one of the worst ideas I've ever had. That's saying something XD Turns out my intercept is in 9 hours-ish, the periapsis is in 11 hours. This means that I'm gonna hit the intercept just as my Ethics lecture starts :/
  11. I got bored (never a good thing) and decided to do a real-time mission to the Mun and back. No saving, no reloading and no time or phys warp. And aside from Deadly Reentry, I'm not using any mods: the only modded part on this vessel is a heat shield. Has anyone done something like this before? And if so, how did it go? P.S. I have an intercept in about 11 hours... this is gonna be a long wait...
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