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  1. Ah perfect! Was just coming back to KSP after a significant break, so missed that. Thanks for the information.
  2. Good evening. I am attempting to redownload KSP, and I bought it on the KSP store back in the day. Every time I go to the store, log in, and hit my account, I am redirected back to the landing page for the domain. I have tried this on multiple browsers across multiple PCs from various locations, so it doesn't appear to be a problem on my end. (I even dumped my DNS trying to make sure.) Any effort so I can access my download link for my purchased copy would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I have the same issue as adammada. Any fix so I can redownload KSP? (Bought it way back in the day.)
  4. Greetings SQUAD staff! I, and many others, would love to see native multimonitor support implemented natively. For example, have your normal main game screen, then an orbital map and plugin windows on a second monitor. I envison putting the orbital map, with navball and mechjeb windows in a secondary touch screen. (Really looking at doing a little setup like a slimmed down dragon2 control panel.)
  5. Looking at doing a desktop mounted panel, with a auxillary mount for my stick and throttle, with spaceball for docking/eva control, and a small switch/indicator panel. Considering doing a touch screen monitor for readouts....does anyone know if you can export mechjeb controls, orbital map, and nav ball out? (Would break monitor into 3x zones, one for each.)
  6. I've been kicking around a nice setup. I've built/designed a F-16, A-10C, and UH-1H physical cockpit, and have 10+ years designing and building home flight simulators. I think I found another project.
  7. Can anybody recommend some inflatable hab modules? (Similar to the BEAM module currently in orbit.) I'd love to be able to launch some inflatable modules in high density for bit loads to LKO.
  8. Awesome gentlemen. Thanks for the pointers to start playing with.
  9. Hey all! Just coming back to KSP after a loooong break. One of my favorite things to do was build orbital stations and habitats. What are some of your favorite mods for building huge space stations?
  10. Got a version compatible with .23 yet? Just downloaded from SpacePort and the ships are not compatible. I need some escape modules for my space station!
  11. Awesome!!!!! Would you mind doing a checklist for each ship/lander?
  12. Do you really feel the need to post whore and call out that people are using 'cheat' parts on damn near EVERY space craft post? Apparently you can\'t keep from typing whenever something crosses your mind, instead of only posting when you actually have something to contribute.
  13. Can't wait to get home to try this out.
  14. If you don't like it, its not hard to modify config files. Fix it yourself for yourself?
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