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  1. I remember the landing gear we all loved, that would snap off if you treated it anything like the landing gear we have now. It made Mün landings so much more rewarding. I remember how when kerbals died you'd have their little portrait become a static type thing and it would say KIA. I started playing around .15, back then I had no clue how orbit's worked and I'd just fly straight up, then I found Scott Manley, or szyzyg as it was, and I was so excited to finally reach orbit, then the Mün, then when I landed on the Mün, so rewarding! But now that you do those things so often, it becomes very bland, and almost a bit tideous, I guess I gotta try someting new
  2. For some reason all the UI in KSP breaks when I try to use this, and it says that the firespitter plugin is incompatible with .24.2
  3. Jag hittade några läckta dokument (Här klippta in i samma bild)
  4. Ike då, det är ju Ikea utan a.
  5. Since my flag for some reason didn't work in .24 I made this as a replacement
  6. My flag isn't showin up in game, even though it's in the flags folder
  7. Banned for joining the forums somewhere around a year ago
  8. I use this to convert them to PNGs, then I edit them with gimp, which is free just don't forget to flip the image vertically as it'll be upside down
  9. Not the whole link just the http://imgur.com/a/61Zz1#0
  10. You could've done this Album belongs to guy above
  11. Banned for really wanting to go to space!
  12. Something I think squad should eventually implement is an optional feature where the kerbal's name is written on thenside of the helmet.
  13. Banned for living in a base built for pugs