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  1. Yes, indeed, I can confirm that it is the "Tarsier Space Tech" mod which causing this. Thank you! ^^
  2. Yes, I have exact the same issue - just nothing happens when I click on big green "Start simulation" button (just some other interface buttons flipping fast during that). KSP 1.1.2, KRASH 0.5.3, and tons of other mods (they are listed in the log, lines 176791-177024) Here is the LOG p.s. I know there are spam from "Trajectories" exceptions and such, but I don't think it's related and I am up to sorting this out anyway ^^
  3. Oh, I am sorry, I didn't know that. Thank you for your time. And I've just FOUND IT! By removing and adding mods, it is clearly "KRnD" or "Kerbal Research & Development" mod of which breaks TweakScale and causes so strange incompatibilities. I hope this info will help in the future ^^
  4. Oh, a mini-mod, I like that, thank you for the idea (and for this awesome mod)! ^^
  5. awww, thank you! I did add that string into SD's "Kerbin.cfg" under the "%Properties" with value "initialRotation = 257.7" (the perfect midnight, according to my tests) and the global clock is now linked with an actual day/nigh at KSC, so the time looks and makes a perfect sense in game now. With all those settings, the Sunrise now starts at 6:00. The official morning time (when you hit that "Warp to next morning" blue button is now exacly at 7:00 (for a 257.7 value), and the sunset is at 18:00. And all this keeps stable ^^
  6. Oh, I don't think that I am using MFT or RealFuels mods. But maybe there are some other mods that could cause this incompability? I just don't know. Here is my full list: And... I just made the exactly of what you did with dat pod and.. I got that bug again ^^ Take a look: Here, I did record a log of that particullar session, so maybe this will help to determine the reason: Log link Btw, your mod is totally awesome, it gives so much flexibility to this game needed, keep it up! ^^
  7. It works 50/50 for me. For example, the fuel tanks seems working fine, while the batteries are always shows the stock amount of electricity after you get your craft to the pad (while its model stays resized tho). The same goes for all engines and SRB's. For example here is some screens: TweakScale Version, KSP 1.1.0 1230 (64 bit)
  8. Does anyone know how to make the days and hours to count from a midnight, instead of a midday physical position for the KSC on the Kerbin surface (for the "dayLengthMultiplier = 4" case) ? The SD v0.4.3 and the Kopernicus1.0.1 ones are working great for 1.1 (as I can tell from my tests).
  9. This mod is so awesome in everything and I love it's so smart design. I wanna report on some stange bugs I have here when you combine "M1-A1 Grizzly" wheels and any kind of Wide Flatbeds on top of it (in version 0.2.8, KSP, Win7/64 )
  10. Oh, it's awesome to hear that, I am glad these info did help! Btw, do you plan to adapt your awesome mod for an upcoming KSP 1.1 version in some future by chance?
  11. Oh, sure - here it is: Test Craft I used just a standart pre-build by Squad stock "Aeris 4A" for a single crew situation. And when I needed to add more kerbals - I did just change it's command part into "Kerlington Model 35 'Clyde'" from a "SXT - Lack's Stock Extension" mod. And tweaked the front gear to 61% using "TweakScale" mod. then added standart "Cirlular Intake" for a better air flow for an extreme maneuvers. None of other mods were used for the craft itself. And if I load just a single or 2 crew into the last one design - there is no problems with G-Effects. But with 3+ kerbals.. things goes weird I have feeling that maybe it's problem only with my game build, idk.
  12. Aye, this is stange. And even more than that - only the kerbals who are at the most right place is getting "Responce Minimal", which is weird.. kinda unlucky place to sit in, I guess Oh, sure, here is last tests log. I made 2 flight tests in that session, the first one with a single kerbal (with all effects are in place, as expected), and second flight with 4 kerbals but without any (and no effects again). I hope this will help. output_log link And thank you for your most awesome mod, btw, I really like it
  13. I wanna report of some stange bug - I don't see any G-Effects (the black, the reds and a G-loc) after I add more than 3 kerbals in a crew. Yet, for a single and two members everything works perfectly tho. Here is some screens: I have no idea why it's so.. My specs and mods are: All of them works perfectly tho, but maybe some may cause a conflict with G-Effects? or idk
  14. Basically, i think you need a helicopter, something like that: But much bigger in size, with lots of fuel, so you would be able to reach far continents. Or if you gonna use only stock parts, then its better to make VTOL Plane, with additional hover engines which can be switched on/off by action groups, and some big gears (for amortization). So you could land it anywhere. Fuel management and center of mass are critical, during all flight ^^
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