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  1. Back in the days of 2011, there were a lot of really good mods like Sunday Punch and NovaSilisko's SIDR pack (which were then merged into NovaPunch) but one of the first ones I ever saw was a 9-coupler and a 25-coupler (they were only meshes and had no real textures). I'll see if I can find it somewhere... EDIT: I found it! Too bad the attachments no longer work... EDIT 2: I think I have also found one of the first attempts at modding KSP:
  2. I made a sleigh.
  3. Fun Fact: The launchpad did have palm trees in the first few versions of KSP (all the way up to 0.10.1 I think) until HarvestR lost the files for the original launchpad while making 0.11. The palm trees were never to be seen again.
  4. Also note that the Rockomax x200-16 is pre-0.18 since there isn't any texture on the side of the tank: instead of
  5. KSC 3 was a bug last available from 0.14 to 0.14.2 (correct me if I'm wrong). I tried looking for it in 0.13.3, but it wasn't there. Here's a video on it: I haven't been there myself though.
  6. Actually, I've had a similar glitch similar to yours. The launch clamps could still be fired. I would suggest you check your console (ALT F2). I got a nullreferenceexception.
  7. I actually found the game back in the days of 0.8.4 (June 2011) (from this guy called "JJ5x5"). No Scott Manley or Kurt at the time. There was no orbital map, no Mun, no planets, no time warp, no (functional) wings, no fuel lines, no 2.5 m parts, the atmosphere ended at 34500 m and the ocean was solid. The first thing I did was attach a SRB to the capsule and see what happened. I then progressively went bigger and bigger until I made it past 100 k. Since there was no orbital map, it was very hard to orbit (Scott actually managed it in mind the atmosphere ended at 34500 m and it's density was consistent going up). As we got new parts, time warp, and the map, I was able to orbit Kerbin (or Kearth, as it was referred to at the time). In 0.12, they added the Mun. I remember it being very hard to reach it since I had only just mastered orbiting. The closest I could get was an encounter that scraped the edge of the SoI. As 0.15 and 0.16 came around with Minmus and 2.5 m parts, I started experimenting with even larger rockets in hope of eventually returning the 3 man pod back from Minmus. As planets were introduced in .17, I was not able to reach any of them except Duna. With docking in .18, I went back to LKO. I learned how to dock (no Mechjeb docking autopilot at the time) and eventually started constructing interplanetary vessels. So basically, start small and go bigger. Over engineer everything if you can. I was particularly lucky since the game's development slowly taught me.
  8. This video from back in July 2011 (at the time the game version was 0.8.4): fell in love right after seeing the game.
  9. Well that's why you buy an "advanced" cooling system! Who needs those expensive coolers when you have a cheap desk fan?
  10. I'd just like to present my ChristMass Relay in case no one saw it on the spacecraft exchange:
  11. Wait, I just found out that you can't get out. Remove the structural girders and replace them with the cubic struts instead.
  12. Both of them are very functional. (Mine acts as a tree, yours acts as fireworks ) The place that Kerbals go upon which the controller presses F9 (Back to the previous quicksave).
  13. After watching , I thought of this.What do you guys think of it? DOWNLOAD includes Tree and launch vehicle capable of LKO. (also I quickly pieced this together in my career save. Feel free to replace the skippers with Mainsails )
  14. Hello people of the forum, I'd like to present my latest creation: The Kerbin V MCPV! (sorry for the night time pics) It's a stock replica of the dragon spacecraft. Features: -3 Kerbal capacity -Reaction Control System & Power -A Clamp-o-tron Shielded docking port -Powered descent/abort system -Parachutes in case the engines run out of fuel or for landing on other atmospheric bodies (launch vehicle not included) The Kerbin V has been made for maximum versatility. Docking approved and it should be able to land on low gravity bodies (Probably a one way trip for the Mun, Vall, and Ike though). DOWNLOAD
  15. That's a nice design! With a few parachutes on the lander it could easily do a Duna return.