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  1. I play career mode. Although with the number of times I have restarted within the same career game I should probably do science, but I like career mode. I keep restarting because I will start having a really crowded kerbin space and too lazy to clear it by deorbiting things. One of these days I will make it to Duna, I was 45 days out this time when I ran into the flag issue and deleted the saves thinking they got corrupted. I do have to say they each time I restart I get my craft more and more optimized parts wise.
  2. Well at least this explains why all of a sudden I was getting 1 FPS when trying to load into one of my rovers, or to launch from KSC. Since I have a flag at both locations. Now if only I hadn't erased most of my saves and gave up and started another to have the same thing happen on my third vehicle launch(I had planted a flag at KSC the vehicle before)
  3. Well, took a contract to build a base on Duna. Modified my heavy lifter rocket and base in a can to hopefully do that. First attempt at take off realized I had messed up the staging when I released my third booster stage and proceeded to watch the base detach also. Second attempt tried to circularize in LKO but had too much drag so ran out of fuel. Third attempt went for a direct ascent profile and 3 hours later in its 3 minute flight time realized the angle was better for direct ascent to Eve than Duna. While waiting for a new launch window for Duna I launched a 25 relay satel
  4. Well in Xbox Enhanced Edition last night I was working on my 200 ton heavy lifter. I got screenshots but haven't transferred them off the xbox yet. Keep in mind that I will have 7 stages before the ship obtains an orbit. Well first attempt had almost 2000 parts, FPS really sucked but by the time it gets to orbit would only have 600 or so. This iteration didn't last long, physics kept breaking and all of a sudden after the first stage was released it would keel over to the 270 degree side and keep going, this was with the rocket heading towards the 90 degree mark before stage trigger.
  5. Not everyone wants mods or has access to mods(console). Yes you can kludge together a bearing but if you are fighting fps due to part count using multiple parts to create a bearing for multiple propellers adds a fair number. Plus if it was implemented like I suggested above it would add a lot of fun trying other things besides a simple propeller.
  6. Hey, how are you going to have the fun explosions on the launchpad that way.
  7. Personally I am picturing the bearings looking sorta like the anywhere attachment point looking thing with a segmented attachment to its face for connecting things to. The backside would be stationary while the front side allows free rotation. This can be allowed to rotate or stay in a static position as if a magnetic brake were applied. Of course to actually use them for propellers you would have to figure out how to get them spinning in some fashion. For use as an actual propeller base it would be better if it was something like what I just mentioned but as a basic motor behind i
  8. I don't have anything to add, just found the misspelling hilarious. I work a night shift, sometimes it is the little things I find enjoyable.
  9. Stopped playing for 5ish years. In the last saves before I stopped playing I had 4 or 5 craft with kerbal's on board on a one way trip well outside of the solar system, after the first one was a mistake I started trying to see how far and how fast I could get a ship leaving the system. Oh and Jebediah got left on the Mun the whole time after an unsuccessful landing where Jeb was all that was left, I only had one successful mun landing and that was after finding MechJeb, of course that landing was on the opposite side of the Mun and way to far to walk. Someday I will find the USB driv
  10. Did a test flight with my redesigned heavy lifter, just to verify it could get itself in orbit. I like the way it looks here, although I think I will change the Mk3 cockpit to something else. I don't plan to have all of the Mk2 Crew Cabins installed on every launch, they are mostly for those tourists that just want to orbit Kerbin. Definitely a lot less drag to it than my version with girders. I figure I can vary the number of boosters on it depending on payload, and if I need to I can still add another layer of SRB's or asparagus style more boosters. I had so much fun just
  11. I remember the second day I had KSP back in 2012 I decided I wanted to go to the Mun. Launched off kerbin, circularized the orbit, aimed at the mun and started accelerating when I got the intercept of the Mun(straight into it). Decided it was taking to long to get there and I think I timewarped with the plan to adjust and get an orbit closer to the mun. I was a little late on returning to normal time but I hadnt hit the mun yet. I pulled out of the time warp with like a 790m/s speed 10000m above the surface heading straight for the surface. Then Poof, no more ship. Next attempt was a litt
  12. Determined my Mun lander was stuck inside it's transport vehicle and brought the whole thing back to Kerbin. During re-entry realized I did not have enough aerobraking and parachutes to slow the vessel down enough for a safe landing. Tried doing a suicide burn and then switched to quickly bringing up the pause menu once the ship was just starting to meet the water and was able to cheat recovering the vessel at that point even though it was still traveling 175m/s. I should of left it in orbit longer converting the ore to fuel so I could use more thrusters for braking, I had the ore on
  13. 1. Activate SAS 2. Sticky the resources 3. Throttle down to 0 4. Activate staging to release clamps and activate engines 5. Realize there were no SRB's on this rocket and hit max throttle real fast 6. Realize in the mad rush to max the throttle you released the next stage 7. Revert to launch beginning 8. Repeat steps 1 and 2 9. Throttle up to 100 10. Activate staging to release clamps and activate engines 11. Cringe and hope as the rocket is slowly moving down torwards the launch pad 12. Breathe a sigh of relief as the rocket starts moving
  14. Nope, I simply replied "It was ready when I told you 5 minutes ago"
  15. After I just finish telling a coworker a tool is ready for requal, I get an "ok" and then I walk away. 5 minutes later get a text from same coworker asking if that tool is ready for requal yet.
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