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  1. I was starting to become really worried that I wouldn't have any place to go on the internet to waste the remainder of my Thursday work day. #basedbeKSPforum
  2. To embed an album, tag the album ID with the Imgur embed BBCode tag: [*imgur]txAvX[/*imgur] (remove the stars) like so [imgur]txAvX">Javascript is disabled. View full album
  3. Yes. But by then we'll all have 200-core superthreading processors and will be ready.
  4. Interesting take on the MP category though I wouldn't classify it as being high-priority.
  5. Before this thread was created, there was a much larger discussion about the current state of resource development and the original poster had mentioned something about increased logistics complexity. In a game like KSP where the game centers around being a technical sandbox, aspects like complicated logistics is a must, hence why it's a good idea to continue developing a way for resource to be integrated into the game at one point.
  6. I will remain positive about resource mining redesigns. It'll give me more incentives to revisit other planets.
  7. Ouch... I am a little concerned about this part limitation. Hope it doesn't spread.
  8. If you prefer vanillar KSP like I do, then the only way to attach cargo to your main launcher is to use coupling.
  9. It's always the developer's choice. There should be no mandate.
  10. What a terrific post. This is one of the many reasons why KSP has been one of my greatest game investment in recent memory!
  11. I posted the same thing somewhere else, but will post here as well! Large images inbound: (currently focusing on land/air-based defense. Will start intergalactic design later)
  12. I am going to push it to an earlier time, so perhaps around noon Central US time.
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