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  1. Well, I did say it was just an opinion on my hope for the game, going from what they told us in the past. The resource system, though as convoluted as they may have made it out to be, I strongly don't feel it would be that difficult to grasp. We all saw the Grid layout for the way the resource system would run. And it was fairly straight forward. They were almost done the project too. They worked a good month or two on all the parts and systems, and gave spoilers for it almost every week for that period. If anything they should bring it to us just because of the two month long tease, and then 2 years of nothing, until now. I dunno, The initial thought process seemed they had for the game, made it look like it involved more then just Planet Kerbin. It seemed like the game revolved around Space, traveling, exploring, building, and expanding. Planet Kerbin was only the starting point, and control center for everything that was to happen. Isn't the point of a space program, to explore new heights? Venture where no man has gone before? And return with valuable information, and samples? It just seems like progression on the game has been far too grounded on Kerbin lately. And to hear the major development will be coming to an end, is unfortunate. If they are just focusing on the control center, then they should have made research and development, actually include development. Like even the ability to be able to switch a few simple values (like more oxygen intake, but at the cost of loosing some fuel capacity...etc) on parts, in game, would have made the research & development, include the development part.
  2. Resource mining. 2yrs and counting... Waiting, So long. As well as Interior shuttle exploration.
  3. So I recall back in 0.14-0.15, the devs mention the ability to move around within the ship, with Kerbals, in a future update. Now, immediately what I thought by this, was you, as the Kerbal, were able to physically move around in the ship you built. So does this mean, that part of the project was dumped? Considering that would be a big implementation as far as the core systems of the game? Or is my imagination(as little as it is) actually come up with something neat for the game, and they were actually meaning just, "Right-Click, Moved" from part to part like you can now... Cause the ability to physically move around your ship, would add a WHOLE NEW diversity to the game. How cool would it be, once docked at your station to be able to explore it from the inside out, instead of the same old boring outside-in. Secondly, The resource system was touched base on, in the beta info news release. However, this was by far (in my opinion) was going to be the best, and most game changing (for the better) impact on the game. And I've now been waiting 2yrs for this (*laughs and then starts to cry slowly*) All of the above, is what I've been waiting for in this game/simulator. In my opinion, getting to space is the first step, building camp/station/base is second, and third is surviving the trip back home from another planet.(by surviving I mean having fuel and resources after touching down, and not having to fly the same mission 36 more times just to have enough fuel to fly back.) Especially now that we have Budgets... Doesn't seem very cost effective to be dumping 30+ ships just to get one back. I'm really just trying to figure out, from what they say, "1st its a game, second its a simulator." would the above mentioned implements, not effect both, in an outstanding way? For them to be "possibly" adding it in beta, it would seem more like an entirely different game once it was released, in which case it would be more of a DLC then anything... Any comments to touch base?
  4. Yes, but its the part where the shuttle continues to spin, even thought there is no fuel. It actually gets faster once the fuel runs dry, and will continue to go for some time.
  5. Hey guys, Haven't posted on KSP in forever. I apologize to any subs for not posting a video in such a period, I've been caught up for the past year. I heard about the ARM update and had to check it out. Unfortunately, the video I'm talking about has nothing to do with meteors Though it does have to do with this hilarious effects of the physics on KSP, causing my ship to not crash, but continue to spin around and around for a good 10+ Mins... This video is an example of what I'm doing. Sorry, tried to embed the video, but just came up with an empty youtube video.
  6. Well I am very pleased with Career Mode. Its just the whole 43 parts that threw me off, and a bunch of small details heavily talked about a little under a yr ago. I dunno I just find it confusing they would tease us with the Resource Chart, and part details, over 10 months ago. I'm aware they said they would like to wait and do it right, but that's another reason I thought it would be in this update. Cause what better time to integrate resources, but with R&D?
  7. For some reason while reading the Weekly news updates for KSP I thought they would be adding the Mining aspect in this update... Considering they teased us with what the parts looked like, and how the resources would work, around 10months ago. So as neat as the R&D is, I was slightly disappointed with this update. BUT, only because in one of the weekly updates it was mentioned that there was was over 43 parts to unlock through research, so I had the "bazaar" assumption that there was going to be 43+ new parts (which led me to believe they were going to have some mining parts, and then some... considering its been 10 months) Don't get me wrong... This isn't one of those "I want my money back", or anything like that... I love this game. I was just wondering if anyone else expected the same of this update. Or if I'm just right out to lunch. ""Also while I'm here. Anyone got the slightest clue to when the Mining will be implemented?"" ((if we are not supposed to be asking those types of questions i'll edit this part out. Just give me a heads up))
  8. So I found some awesome music to listen to on MixCloud. It gives the game a very majestic feeling to it, while attempting to build and launch your shuttle. At 1 point the song changed just as I left the atmosphere, and the music just fit it so perfectly. [shadow=red,left] By the way the account on mixcloud is not mine and I have nothing to do with the music on it... In other words this isn\'t me advertising something, I\'m just referring good music to listen to while playing KSP, seeing there is no music as of yet.[/shadow] [glow=green,2,300]Here is the link to the music[/glow] http://www.mixcloud.com/HeadphoneCommute/papercutz-dream-scores/ All the songs together play for around 43mins so you don\'t have to be changing your song every so often.
  9. Yes that\'s exactly what I\'m looking for. Something that would be sitting there in plain sight, maybe something some people may not even give recognition towards, but it would push us to make a rocket that could get you there.... in a manner of speaking.
  10. I\'ve always loved looking up at the stars and seeing how big, and vast the universe was. With all its wonders that it likes to show off, I would always wish some company would integrate an amazing view of space within there game. Alas the day came when Bethesda released Skyrim, and the world was introduced to one of the best ever, looking stars in-game, along with a planet and moon. Anyway, now to the point... ;D I think it would be absolutely awesome if they would integrate an amazing high resolution space scenery. At the moment (no offense to the developers) the stars look some-what blurry. Now I know, 'how amazing can you make a little spec of light be?' haha. I was just thinking it would be great if you could see some really nice high resolution nebula\'s and other great things with a higher resolution(in other words better quality). I\'m currently running the game maxed, and it looks like it could go a couple hundred steps further in detail. Now I\'m also well aware that this is early alpha, and they aren\'t even close to having the game completely finished yet. I was just hoping in the future we would have some jaw dropping, 'awe' moments, where we would go.... 'this was totally worth it!'
  11. LOL haha, wow I can\'t believe I spelt that wrong hahaha. [Thinks] *What I can\'t have a time of day where I mourn?* LOL
  12. Alright Thanks for the quick response! I\'ll have to check that one out tomorrow mourning. If anyone has another one that\'s worth looking into feel free to share!
  13. Hey, so I\'m basically looking for a mod without engines in it. I have yet to successfully land on the Mun due to fuel, and weight judgement errors. But I am determined to do it eventually without using unfair advantages such as Engines. Now I\'ve viewed some videos of mods, and people claimed that the engines were not unfair, yet they make it to space in like 15 seconds (without time warp) and to me that makes the game a little pointless. Due to it just being way to easy. I\'m pretty much just looking for body stuff. Things to make the appearance of the craft more appealing, without having to deal with the envy of seeing the unfair Engines sit there in-front of my face if you catch my drift.
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