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  1. I have been having good success with Mechjeb in 1.0.2..... it just needs a slight tweak for the atmosphere as stateded above, but it is not too far off as is. I launched a monster of a rocket and it flipped over during the gravity turn. I tweaked on the settings and found a good setting with no flip over on any size rocket I have tried so far. Just in case you want to try, here are the settings I used: In the Ascent window: Angle of attack 5, uncheck corrective steering (no corrective steering) Under Edit Ascent Path in the Ascent window: Turn start 350m (yes very low), Final Flight Path 0, Turn Shape 50%. I'm going to experiment with Angle of Attack unchecked because the rockets flew well without it. I'm also going to try different things with all the settings, but the settings above seem to work so far. Landings on mun (no atmosphere) were perfect and exactly where I picked!
  2. 1.0.2 is working better than 1.0 for me. I landed really close to where I picked on the map. Just a little tweak for the new atmosphere would probably do the trick I think. I just used some of the ascent settings posted a few pages back and it launches good. I think 1.0.2 will have a good atmosphere for MechJeb. MechJeb is the most important mod that I run. I can't explore without it.
  3. I haven't tried docking yet, but the things I've tried are working good. I really like the space plane autopilot. MechJeb is a game saver for me as I'm not really interested in learning everything manually. I just have fun thinking of & making space/air craft to fly different missions. MechJeb allows me to do this. Thanks to all involved.
  4. Araym, I'm having the same problem with another file I tried to DL from Spaceport.
  5. Are you talking about the graphics of the planet looking like giant squares? I have been getting some of those.
  6. I'm liking 0.20 a lot. The landing autopilot is working great so far. I had to send a recue mission to the Mun. I manually entered the numbers to the location and Mechjeb worked perfectly! Thanks for the hard work! Mechjeb is the only way I can do some of these things which makes it fun for me.
  7. I have the same docking problem. I found that by giving a quick on and off of the throttle will wake it up and it will dock. I guess it needs to be moving forward.
  8. Could you post a craft file for this? I really enjoy the Bobcat stuff!
  9. EpsilonSigma, When I land using "Land on target", I will get very close to where I want to land and switch to "Land" with enough time for Mechjeb to safely land. "Land on target" sometimes works fine, but crashes too often to trust it.
  10. With minmus, I retro burn until my orbit line just touches the planet. I then tell it to land at target. It works pretty good that way.
  11. What does a female Kerbal look like? I'm afraid to see how the pin-up girl will turn out! lol
  12. Just downloaded the MPL. The pic look awesome! Thanks for making this!
  13. I need to bump this. I really would like to know how to use parachutes to help with landing on planets, but I want them to deploy when I push a button. Even when I have them in a different stage, the stages just combine and the chutes deploy when I don't want them to. Photos of my build is in the post above. Thanks for any help provided.