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  1. I have the latest RPM and it looks like this in all the Chaka Pods ive used so far mainly the Orion
  2. I am seeing what looks like HEX color codes in the MDF's. Will screenshot and post
  3. Just gonna leave this here. lol Great job by the way Nhawks!
  4. so the craft files that dont work with this mod are the ones that are supposed to be there? seems strange to me to buran craft siles in the space shuttle thread but ok.
  5. When I download the craft files all i get are buran crafts
  6. lol I have 3 screens in a Nvidia surround setup with the fourth above my center screen.
  7. I have 4 Screens in a 3x1 if you need testing done.
  8. Rename it then - - - Updated - - - What we have now is not the CSS. Its a new shuttle mod.
  9. I just said I was retiring my shuttle fleet! Didnt say i was giving up. Just got it working good and it all got changed without even asking for opinions. It worked great. Why change it all up when it was working? Its bewilders me! I been saying to get it organized and I recieved backlash for it. Now others want that and Mike dont get hostile with them like he did with me. This is suposed to be a CSS 1.0.2 compatability thing not a whole new shuttle mod.
  10. Maybe not Jeast. I dont have a working version no more. Im retiring my shuttle fleet untill the mod is finished. It worked so good before and now its all messed up. Its not Mikes fault its all the other people in here saying I want this and I want that well before the CSS was ready for 1.0.2.
  11. I think I have one jeast you will have to check the aero.
  12. I dont know what you did but the wings are totally broken. They wont stay attatched at all.