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  1. ModernArc

    I present to you:

    LOL It's like a very bad commercial, I get it
  2. Here is a suggestion for the satellite pack, you should make a bigger ion engine. The current small ion engine has very low thrust, and I use them a lot. I use them to go to the Mun and Minmus. Thanks! (Note: My 100th post!)
  3. Majiir, are you doing the texturing and the coding?
  4. ModernArc

    Space Travel: Where will we be by 2070?

    I think we will have shuttles that can take us around our solar system. Around 2016, we will have landed on Mars. Technology is advancing very quickly these days.
  5. ModernArc

    New KSP youtube series!

    Nice! You have plenty of fuel to get back too.
  6. ModernArc

    Kerbal Space Election '12

    Well Jeb, let's get to blowing things up...into the sun!
  7. Dani, if I have a kethane scanner over the Mun, and I leave it as an active flight, will it still scan for kethane?
  8. Awwwww... Wait, I don't know the story! Who is kulesz, and why won't you develop the kethane pack when it's one of your most popular mods?
  9. I think I found a bug: I have the Kethane mod and when ever I put the parts on it, when im driving my ship, It says in the little GUI tab at the top right, "Invalid Part Configuration". How do I fix this?......OH, nevermind, I just edited this post, I have too many converters, Thanks!
  10. Was the transfer to the other planets and moons added yet?
  11. How would you get it to hover indefinitely?
  12. Thanks! What I did was crop out the planets and moons I didn't go to with Microsoft Paint. So its Kerbin, Mun, Minmus. Good idea?
  13. ModernArc

    [Video] KSP Cinematic - "Journey to Duna"

    Nassault, when ever you make a video/short story, it's a good one
  14. ModernArc

    Kerbal Snake Program

    Lol? I don't get it...