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  1. Instead of time limiting it you could "This funding cut stays in tact till you have proven that you can put a rocket into orbit with the limited funds available"
  2. As a software developer. Your effect of this topic is zero. User reports "game crashes, help!1!" -> usefulness is nothing. Nothing the devs can do. User reports "game crashed when I did X" -> usefulness is low. Most likely the devs will not look into it, unless a lot of people report a crash at exactly the same action. User reports "game crashed, I was doing X, I already did Y, I have no mods, and here are the log files" -> usefulness is high. Crashes are hard to track down after the fact. You need as much information as possible. Even then, it could be out of control o
  3. Sales does not equal players. I think the achievements of Cave Story+ always reflect this nicely. As the initial set of achievements is gained with progress: http://steamcommunity.com/stats/CaveStory/achievements/ I'll see that many players quit early. A few hours into the game you have about 30% of the players left. Long time players, usually less then 10%.
  4. I was confused as well. I usually only track the devnotes, and no devnotes. Would have been nice if there was a simple "No devnotes today, be cause of... [link to release post]" post instead. I almost missed the fact that the release happened.
  5. That can happen or not happen in-depended on how you manage resource constrains. And I've seen resourced constrain code grow to a steaming mess easier then something unconstrained. (I do not know if the KSP code is a mess. But I do guess that some part is, reading the 1.1 things on modding and that they are reporting large bits of dead code/API)
  6. As a current generation software engineer to an old generation software engineer: Laziness is good. It means you can focus on functionality instead of limitations of your system. You could program KSP so it uses half the resources. But it would take a quadruple amount of hours. Meaning you have 1/4 of the features. You want to use the stock libraries, they are better tested then any code you will ever make. They also have better APIs and logging/debugging then that you will make. RAM is cheap and plentiful these days. It's rare these days to encounter anything with less then 4GB
  7. Inefficient, yes. Much easier to work with as an developer, yes. How much fun would it be if the game froze for a bit to load all the space center textures on your approach to the space center with your bad gliding space plane?
  8. Delta-V and time-till impact calculations from KER. Everything else I can live without do work around. But these prevent a lot of problems for me. The delta-V calculator in the VAB also prevents a lot of staging issues for me. Time-till impact prevents high-velocity lithobraking.
  9. Heatshields are overrated. I tend to use engines as heatshields, you already have them with you anyhow. And they might explode on the way down, but Jeb never had a problem with that. I agree on the statement that the engineering report isn't that useful in its current form. But I also understand the complexity of making it actually work properly.
  10. That reminds me, even worse then forgetting to opening your panels. Forgetting to open your panels, having emergency small panels in there for this case of "being an idiot". And then find out they are on the dark side of your ship and never provide power because of that. (Well, you could bump into your ship with something else to start it up then... hows that for a jump start?)
  11. I discovered yesterday that you can toggle the antenna into a different mode and send science in the "old" way where it can do partial sends with low power. I most commonly forget solar panels. Or when I have them I forget to unfold them...
  12. As a software developer, I can say, patching is hard. Especially when accounting for people modding the game. You would complain just as much if the update system would delete all your mods as it sees them as "old files"
  13. Yes, but if you read the post that goes with it, the context is suddenly changed, and is about sadness of not being able to provide Squad with valuable test data.
  14. Your poll is skewed towards the results you favor. I'm not able to download the 1.1 pre-release. But I also do not care to download it. But my vote still counts towards your favor. As I could still transfer my account to steam (it's old enough) I potentially could download the pre-release if I really wanted. People that are on steam, but haven't noticed the more public info available about the 1.1 pre-release will most likely also answer "no" in your poll.
  15. Didn't test it, that's why I added "I think". If tests shows this amount of acceleration, then this could be the reason for the acceleration. Kerbal engineer should also show a slight decrease in altitude then if you roll down the runway.
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