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  1. Hope the devs look into working on resources and prospecting again. Would be really nice to have a choice for infrastructure and larger ships to move out into the system at a slower pace with bigger long-term efficiency savings balanced against a rush but with smaller cheaper more disposable craft that net you greater rewards early on. Really want that sort of serious tactical choice with serious consequences for how you want to tackle exploring the Kerbin system. Even if it were just some basic groundwork, I'd be happy with it. "We're gona make Kethane look TINY!" Want to see SQUAD live up to that statement.
  2. Just wondering if we could get the option to drag the navball left/right along the bottom of the screen so that it's a little more out of the way and doesn't block the view of your ship while using it. Thanks o/
  3. Naiba

    Take on Mars

    You seem to be mistaking the lack of planned content for the lack of plans FOR content. Take on Mars could really do with more of the former and less of the latter. It'll be a solid little title when it's done, but that's all part of the problem I have with it. Just a personal opinion, mind you.
  4. How can I stop ships from spinning out while I try and line up docking manoeuvres using the docking mode in 0.21? I just don't get it. Anything I've tried so far (all my designs with all the different types of ASAS parts) keep turning when I try translating. Is the ASAS just plain turning off axis lock in translation docking mode? It feels like it is. Is there something I'm missing that will let me dock two ships without needing to resort to controlling rotation and translation simultaneously?
  5. It's MY hypocrisy! You can't have it! Seriously tho, you don't need to take the odd joke so seriously, the guy was just trying to be funny. If having a sense of humour is a sign of immaturity then maybe we should just give up on this whole "being adults" thing altogether.
  6. 'Is the first part of your post really necessary? I understand what you are trying to say but it just comes of as immature.' Ahh... I <3 my hypocrisy. Anyhow, I completely agree with your thoughts on spaceplanes and rockets. Rockets are the workhorses of my space program where as spaceplanes are its toys. I wouldn't want to choose one over the other, I have a lot of fun with both.
  7. It still sais it gimbals, but I'm not seeing it gimbal, and it's turning my ship no better than the T30. Is there something wrong with it since 0.20? (and no, I haven't locked it's gimbal.)
  8. Cheer up, it's fun to speculate! 0.21 probably won't have the resources system. "implementing it later in development" doesn't mean 'implementing it the very next update'. Still, there have been hints at what 0.21 will contain. "The first implementation of the Career Mode in 0.21." is a quote from a developer that I think I heard somewhere. Possibly some implementation of a finance system, a stash of monies, a way of getting more monies, parts costing you monies when you hit the launch button. Maybe getting new Kerbals after others... have accidents... will cost monies too. Could even have a simplified part-unlocking system (the basics of research). There are an awful lot of unknowns at this point. Oh, and the space centre overview scene may get scrapped, or made a lot more useful than the 5 button option menu it represents.
  9. I somewhat doubt the entirety Type I, II and III categorisation system.
  10. Is the shuttle itself balanced without the tank and boosters?
  11. You could try and cut the main engines with X just as the boosters run out of fuel, should give you a few seconds to get things in order before loosing too much speed. * Hmm... tricky one then, classic 'space shuttle' layouts on rockets have always been notoriously difficult to keep balanced. ASAS will certainly help you a little. What hight do your boosters run dry and how many engines do you have on the main ship?
  12. Have you thought about adding radial engines to the far side of your main fuel droptank? You could set them to fire after your boosters separate and keep it balanced against your ship's main engines till the fuel's gone and you can ditch it. *Try uploading to something like imageshack.us first, then posting it with
  13. Just want to get out where I feel the line is with paid-for DLC. Star system creator, good. A single different star system to the current one, not good. New types gameplay (such as a nice 4X colony management part of the game), good. A bunch of base structure parts, not good. Multiplayer, good. Automatic Facebook updates, not good. Pretty sure SQUAD have only ever been thinking on the good side of that line.
  14. Naiba

    Anno 2070

    I bought it on steam when it first came out. It was great. It ran on steam. Then Ubisoft decided they didn't like me having the convenience of being able to run it from steam and said I needed Uplayer if I wanted to play the game I'd paid them for. Then they autopatched it so I couldn't play it. I don't play Ubisoft games any more.
  15. Almost installed Kethane mod for it, but I think I can hold out to 0.20.
  16. From my 0.20 preparations thread from before the servers... died:
  17. The demo really could do with an update at some point, at least graphically. It looks so ugly compared with the game as it is now, it's probably put a good number people off who would buy the game otherwise.
  18. Why would it bother? Something without "feelings" wouldn't "feel" like wiping us out(not that it would have any means to do so at it's disposal if it did feel like doing it), or "feel" like saving itself from destruction. Even if it had the equivalent intelligence of all the greatest minds of history rolled into one, it would just sit there, and do absolutely nothing. Not all that useful a creation. Another note, if it did what you asked it to do, because it's programmed to do it, and it's not even thinking in the mean-time, because it doesn't feel like thinking, then i wouldn't call that sentience, would you?
  19. A computer does what it does by doing one thing at a time, in a pre-determined sequence, but incredibly quickly, in digital. A brain does what it does by doing lots separate and seemingly totally un-connected things all at the same time, in analogue (although slower, individually). Both systems rely on feedback from the result of these processes to influence or generate the next set of processes, although in a brain, due to the much larger area of influence, the results can prove somewhat unpredictable. (perception of choice and all that, but don’t want to get into one of those discussions) So yeah, maybe a network of a few billion tiny analogue computers would do the trick for a true machine intelligence (I don’t like using the term ‘artificial’) so long as you could figure out a way of programming it to start the thing working in the first place.
  20. (much more info) It's not a sequal, it's a new IP I think. Full reveal here: http://uk.gamespot.com/shows/gamespot-live/?event=roberts_space_industries_gdc_panel20121010 Game's expected to be fully finished in 2 years. F2P Space-Sim MMO Looks real shiny, possibly quite fun, high anticipation. Also: I got a golden ticket. =D
  21. I bought it off the back of what it's going to become more than anything. (i got KSP back at 0.8, before the Mun, or even symmetry)
  22. Picked this game up a few days ago, been playing almost as much as KSP since. Post-apocalyptic squad-based RPG, with swords, a real wasteland with hundreds of miles of open desert, dauntingly expansive, feels as though you're some tiny and insignificant part of it all and need to earn your right to survive and prosper in it rather than just have it handed to you "because you're the player and the entire universe should revolve around you for being the player". I haven’t played anything that's felt like this since the original two Fallout games and I never expected to have an experience even remotely like that ever again (Arg, Bethesda, why hath you forsaken me!). So +1 to the two people working on Kenshi atm. (although it was just one guy until recently, going by the name of "Captain Deathbeard". Yeah... He hired an art guy off the back of sales from greenlight publicity so the game should start looking a lot nicer over the coming months/years) The general idea is that everything that happens in the game story wise, is all emergent, and only partly depending on your actions. The entire world, and everyone in it, are all persistent, and simulated real-time, so that group of bandits that attack you, loot all your stuff, and leave you for dead in the first few minutes of the game (if you're stupid enough to get into a fight that quickly) will still be out there somewhere, getting into fights, growing in number and getting better stuff, right up till the moment you raid their camp with an army crying "REVENGE!!!". Factions will war, make alliances, trade, expand, shrink, maybe be totally destroyed, all based on the unscripted actions of the NPCs, Stuff won't sit around waiting for you to get involved, big paradigm shifting events will catch up with you eventually. Even if you don’t bother getting involved and actively avoid it, the world around you will change regardless. All this cool stuff is currently not yet implemented, and there's so much more planned. There's no way I could go into all of it, but it sounds fantastic. As the game stands, there's not much to do other than go out into the desert and survive, get stronger, fight bandits (or be bandits) and build a large squad of elite characters, fitted out with the best equipment, and maybe build a few bases here and there. Medical system is nice, inventory is a lot like Shores of Hazeron, 4X timewarp for traveling across the desert at a reasonable speed, combat feels pretty smooth, the vast desert wasteland is a vast desert wasteland (but full of trade caravans, empire patrols, and bands of raiders/bandits). The next few updates (in the coming few months) should be a new set of character types, mining, and possibly crafting/manufacturing and research. Some links: (official website FAQ, good reading) http://www.lofigames.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=section&layout=blog&id=6&Itemid=53 (year old trailer) (because Desura) http://www.desura.com/games/kenshi (indiDB reviews) http://www.indiedb.com/games/kenshi/reviews It's one of the 9 greenlit games on Steam too, but Steam's community website is being awkward as usual. It's free up to 2 characters, don't know if the demo has any other limits but the character one, don't think so. Anyone here playing/played the game? It’s interesting enough to chat about.
  23. Mods for lights you can bolt on, I think he means ^^ There are several lighting issues with the game SQUAD are looking into fixing at the moment, the one you're referencing is "the planet doesn't cast a shadow" give them time with it.
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