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  1. use a site like imgur to post the pictures
  2. the orda mod has a rendezvous auto pilot but it's immensely complicated
  3. i saw someone who made a craft capable of getting off eve into orbit but he just cheated it there. i'd like someone to take that design and do it legit.
  4. *slowpoke* they already put in a kerman for him. and made a mod for when he goes on EVA his kermans have 3d glasses
  5. just watching this. i dont think he knows the aerospikes are for rockets LOL
  6. they outright said that they WILL at some point implement docking and that it is defiantly happening.
  7. the NERVA is IMMENSELY efficient in space, if you had to use more than one tank of fuel for a interplanetary transfer, i would honestly be surprised.
  8. land on all the other things. and mods.
  9. like thewinterowl with his kerbals falling uncontrollably down a hill and him laughing manically?
  10. livstreaming tip: LOOK AT THE CHAT, can't tell you how many people do not pay attention to the chat as much as they should.
  11. scott did it from moho and back, well into moho orbit where he could just send a rescue mission he got to duna and back in one craft though.