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  1. I could care less how they look, but I agree that they're very subpar engines and I've never found any reason to use them
  2. don't worry about funds, it's hardly an issue, it has you consider what you want to do and plan out a bit more carefully but you can still do non-contracts missions frequently without running out of money
  3. and you think more than half of the people that play ksp will use joystick?
  4. You know, speaking as someone who after a couple hours already lost Jeb and Bill, I think they'd rather die doing what they love than be stuck in a boring place for eternity... or not who knows they're just characters in a video game
  5. I turned off reverting and quicksaving in the debug menu entirely, which doesn't really mean much as I can always activate it but it gives me a second to breathe when stuff happens rather than mash those keys. The effects it had weren't too bad, I didn't screw up my career or anything, floating at around 800k funds right now thanks to my latest mission, a probe to Eve ( probes are worth something now, science is still bad with them, but at least I can make money out of those contracts). I would have more though had I not had to send 2 ships to the mun because the first 1 crashed (and killed Jeb) and 3 to minmus as the first one crashed (nearly killing Bill) and the second one smashed it's engine on landing. all in all though, I like it, I have to carefully plan out my missions to try and make a profit or else I may end up having to do a bunch fo random contracts if I run out of funds.
  6. just now in 0.24 when I activated permadeath, Jeb went to walk on the mun, sadly, his rocket not equipped with RCS for budgetary reasons tipped upon landing and when he tried to give some throttle to pull it up, it blew up.
  7. hehe, gonna assume you didn't mean to say my name in your post there as I'm on your side of this issue
  8. indeed, I turned off all reloading/quicksaving/respawning in the debug menu and now every mission counts. I really have to think about what I send up because if it fails, it's a lot of funds down the drain and every mission has a budget now or else it's not gonna make any profit. Just had to carefully plan a ship to go rescue a stranded kerbal (without RCS no less) and managed to make it in one go without any testing, really satisfying
  9. there is a way better than the launcher, it's called steam. Also, they don't owe you a good service because you're a youtuber, considering not playing anymore because the servers are overloaded due to a really high traffic (which is basically normal at this point in most digital launches that use they own download service, at least this one also allows you to use steam) is very childish of you.
  10. he posted that on the 16th, at least it was the 16th in his timezone
  11. you wanna see real insane? we can show you real insane... but that would break the bounds of reality and we'd all end up in a void state of existence... so that's a bad idea
  12. that y-day when they were working on their possible fix, it didn't work and now they're working on it again... either that or idk I'm not in their office
  13. there might not be, but there's been no official word about it, if you're reffering to Max's tweet that was yesterday