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  1. Here is him trying to know me - Cleverbot: What\'s your name? User: Dolan. Cleverbot: What bands do you listen to? User: 2pac. Cleverbot: Ha! Good choice my friend. What\'s your favorite song by him? User: Troublesome 96\'. Cleverbot: You are a trouble? User: *facepalm*. Cleverbot: Hahaha you like it!
  2. Here is an action one - User: *throws pillow*. Cleverbot: *dodges throw*. User: *flips table*. Cleverbot: *Punches you*. User: *dies*. Cleverbot: *laughs*. User: *comes back from death*. Cleverbot: *kills again*. User: *comes back from death again*. Cleverbot: *Kills again*. User: *comes back from death and is unkillable\'. Cleverbot: *kills*. User: \'YOU CAN\'T DO THAT YOU F**KING TW_T\'.
  3. heres a dolan one: User: Hi gooby. Cleverbot: Hi human. User: But is acualy dolan duk. Cleverbot: Ooh. You\'re clever. User: Cleverbot pls. Cleverbot: How are you? User: Evrehthang whent bettur den ekxpexted. Cleverbot: That\'d be silly. You\'re already a big part of science. Artificial Intelligence is huge. User: Wat teh fak cleverbot. Cleverbot: You sure are. User: Do u no wher pluto is. Cleverbot: In Kansas. User: Ty. Cleverbot: My cat speaks english.
  4. User: Hi cleverbot. Cleverbot: How are you doing tonight? User: Good, and you. Cleverbot: Why me? User: I was wondering if you played kerbal space program. Cleverbot: I am an artificial intelligence. Speaking the words of a human being. User: Well do you play kerbal space program? Cleverbot: No, but I like to go to the games. User: Do you like kerbal space program? Cleverbot: Haven t heard of it. What s it about? User: People complaining about multiplayer. Cleverbot: That\'s true. User: Ikr. Cleverbot: Ha. User: Haha. Cleverbot: Hahaha.
  5. my off-duty dad lets me use his flight simulator in the airport training facility when no one else needs to. though for computer, FSX is most likely the best
  6. the comics are awesome we can take down reddit if we liked.
  7. john young is lucky, he has been to the moon twice, he rode the first shuttle, he was in 2 gemini missions.
  8. My friend on roblox posted a list of space simulators ranging from orbiter to lunar lander 3D, downloaded every single one that was free, and then got a special interest in the game, and actually ended up buying [it]. Great game, always will be.
  9. I make my errors by thinking that SRB\'s thrust are controllable, and will fly upwards if not released until burned
  10. It\'s great you\'re enjoying the game! But our anticipation is barley holding untill verision 16 walk out EVA\'s, cabin crew view IVA\'s. It\'s amazing. Well, Have fun! gooby pls dolan et jur sarveece.
  11. Apollo 12 was my favorite mission due to the mission was to test the pinpoint accurcy of the AGC and the hidden stand-up EVA.
  12. I want to see one of you guys get into a drop-down orbit with kerbol and deburn 15,000 meters per second within 6 kerbal months. That would be epic
  13. Dolan

    The minmus...

    is a giant, green cocopuff! ~ trydyingtolive.
  14. Nice, I might be able to help with the decals, btw, are you planning of releasing it?
  15. I hate using mechjeb, because in kerban orbit, I\'m going around 2.5k meters or second and for it\'s sync burn it burns my rocket up to escape velocity around 3k and it says 'Your rednezvousing fail, Did you...' etc.
  16. Just delete the persistence file and It will make new one with jeb, bob, and bill.
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