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  1. The Herc is in very early development, I can't say how it will finalize. The in-game physics seems to get very squirrelly at these weights, and it will take some time (and perhaps new KSP releases) to resolve all the issues and create a releasable heavy lifter mod. We're pretty insistent that our mods will be balanced to stock KSP (We're going back and balancing the earlier releases as well), so the "make a big craft with the density of smoke" approach used for other large craft mods isn't something we want to do. Look for a smaller, single DROP delivery vehicle to be released first.
  2. I'll see how much work that will be, it's a reasonable request. Edit: After talking with Bobcat, we don't think we will add another door. A ladder on the side of the DROP or on the nose of the rover works without needing an extra access door. Perhaps if we have some spare time in the future we will revisit the idea, but for now the stock ladders can help access the rover if you are having trouble. Thanks for the comments.
  3. The manual FAQ answers this issue, and it's been answered in both threads as well. I know it's a chore to read 42 pages of posts, but if it isn't too much trouble for the 5-page Field Manual, please take a moment to read through it. It will save the mod dev's a lot of time answering the same question over and over. To elaborate on the issue: You can't connect the DROP as an empty garage due to the game bug with multiple UP axes connection nodes described in the Mk4 manual. We can't do anything about it, it's a bug in KSP. You MUST connect to either one of the three parachute nodes or the internal floor node FIRST. You can modify the part.cfg so that the end nodes are parsed last, which would then cause the bug on the internal floor and parachute nodes.
  4. Thanks, I appreciate the help troubleshooting. I can't get this to occur, which makes it nearly impossible to try to fix. Any help from those experiencing the bug, is much appreciated.
  5. Devogen, the one time we were able to see this issue was on an older install that The Destroyer was using, when he created a new install the issue went away. I had a similar issue with the crewtank, but I was never able to track down the cause. Not sure what to say about this one...we're trying to figure it out but it's not reproducible and is apparently very rare.
  6. Well, you are not alone, we've had three reports of this (out of about 1200 downloads). I don't understand why any of our team can't reproduce it, nor do I have any clue why it's only a problem for so very few players. But we've decided to adjust the part model to see if we can fix it, because all players should be able to enjoy the mod. 6677 commented that he simply moved the nodes slightly which also will work, but leave a slight gap between the parts.
  7. We've had two other reports of this and although we can't reproduce it, we're going to lower the collision mesh to try to resolve the issue for the few users that are experiencing it. I don't understand why it's only a problem for a few people, but I'll do my best to fix it. 6677 commented that he moved the attach nodes slightly and that resolved the problem for him, but that would leave a slight gap that is unsightly so I'd prefer to actually adjust the model.
  8. Did you place the zKreuzung.dll in the plugin directory?
  9. If you read the included manual, the FAQ answers this issue. Is has to do with a bug in the game about the last parsed attachment node UP axis. The DROP nodes are ordered for placing the Rover inside first. the easiest way to avoid this game bug is to attach the DROP horizontally on the top of your capsule, build the Rover inside then place the DROP in position.
  10. Yeah, 6677 knows what he is talking about, so I'm going to get that mesh adjusted. Not sure why I can't cause the issue, but I've had something similar happen to me when trying to use the crewtank. Collisions, hatch blocked and exploding...but only a few people have those problems with crewtank. There is definitely something in the game install or config that causes slightly different function of the parts collisions for some people.
  11. Thanks for the compliment on the Herc, it's still in very early development. The end form may differ markedly from the pictures. Can you elaborate on "plane-like rovers"? The ones I've made in the past were just wings on stock rovers.
  12. I'll take a Reuben on toasted rye, please, and a potato pancake on the side. Thanks!
  13. I don't wish to sound mean, but reading the manual would help. It's included in the mod download in both .doc and .txt formats. From the FAQ section: The game has a bug in the way attach nodes are handled. The Up axis of the last attach node parsed in the part.cfg must be attached first in the VAB, before the other up axis nodes will work. You'll find that if you attach a part to the internal floor node or one of the three parachute attach points first, then the end nodes will connect fine. Since you typically attach the commandpod version into the DROP before connecting the rest of the rocket, the bug would not be an issue. But with the empty pod, some may try to attach the drop to the rocket before adding the Mk4, and the bug rears it's ugly head. We can't fix it. But you can change your build strategy and make it work. A simple workaround would be to build the DROP + empty Mk4 horizontally on top of your rocket then rotate it and connect it vertically in the stack. I hope that explanation is clear enough to get you building successfully. Enjoy the Mk4 and happy flying. As far as losing control, that's a new one for me, we don't do anything special there, just use the cart dll. If you read the cart issues, you'll note that an unmanned cart with crew capacity and no crew aboard can not be controlled, also if you use the radio relayl mod, the same issue applies.
  14. The Mk4 generator, batteries and engines use the included Kreuzung Electric Energy Plugin (zKreuzung.dll). They are not incompatible with each other.
  15. There is nothing special about the mumechlib.dll we use, it's the same one provided in the Mechjeb plugin. We just provide it in the download for your convenience. Try replacing the DLL with a fresh one from the mechjeb plugin. Mechjeb is only required if you want to use the empty command pod cockpit, which is a mechjeb part. Otherwise the mod doesn't use mechjeb.