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  1. Thanks for the comments guys! @Hippiegold: my teacher thought it was Bart Simpson in a space suit!
  2. Hi Folks! Long time lurker here, just thought I'd share the painting I recently did for a final project in a painting class. Project called for the painting to be in quarters, one with sky, text, food, and toys. Been super obsessed with ksp recently so I chose all space things. Enjoy! (PS, I know the comet around the nasa logo isnt as symmetrical as it should be, and its driving me crazy, but I can't change it until it has been marked, which is happening over the next week or so)
  3. I just added the sas and reaction wheel modules, I couldn't figure out how to remove that "max sas torque" thing, but the sas seemed to be working fine.
  4. I've had no problem with B9 pack and .21, the command pods don't have the new torque and sas, but you can manually edit the .cfg to add those while you wait for the update.
  5. Long time lurker, just getting in to posting stuff. Here is an SSTO I built(inspired by several craft from various members here, forgot the names though, sorry!) that can carry up to 7 kerbals from Kerbin to Laythe. It's most likely a one way trip although I'm not sure because I'm a mediocre pilot at best, and I missed the most fuel efficient Jool window. In Orbit above Kerbin, starting burn to Jool. On Approach to Laythe, passing Jool. Searching for a suitable island to land on... And finally landed, currently awaiting a pickup due to low fuel.
  6. SSTO transport I've been working on, can carry at least 1 large orange tank into orbit with a decent amount of fuel left(still testing it). Enough air brakes to make it drop out of the air like a "feather".And it is more manoeuvrable than I thought it would be.
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