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  1. A very good idea it is too So where is this bug tracker? And where is the process of getting KSP to communicate to its customers that they have become aware of an idea, will discuss it, or reject it? How does a customer even know that their idea has been seen by KSP builders? I'm 59 years old. My parents are dead. Do not assume! Do not patronise me!
  2. If KSP makes no comments or gives any input into a suggestion, what is the point of making a suggestion? And don't ignore this question KSP makers. I'm pretty sure a lot of us who love this game and present genuine ideas to you, would like to know you even exist or take any notice of 'your customers' suggestions (who, as customers, are always right) ,as to how to improve this product. Or are we all completely wasting our time?
  3. Seven hundred and twenty three thousand, one hundred and seventy nine, any changes to the TK tree would be made by the Kerbals. My idea is how to gain access to items, using the KMS resources, along with ratios and quantitative total of those resources.
  4. The idea improving reliability of an item snuck in here. It was never part of my original idea, and I have never had a need for failures. So, regard failures as not an issue. There is no need to change anything about how money is earned. Yes my idea involves additional needs or uses for money, but like I said in my original post, its up to the kerbals to make such adjustments. I mean, they would have to work out just how much of each of the KMS requirements each item required.
  5. [snip] Mikenike To clarify, the more knowledge you have of an item, the better its reliability. I have 27 years experience in the aircraft servicing industry. Believe me, an aircraft is almost constantly being repaired, modded and updated in its life. Especially military ones. An improved version of any part is going to be the next item in the TK tree.
  6. What is your point? I have been computer gaming since Pong came into this world in the summer of '73. 20 years ago I was making world lap record times at 4 of 16 tracks in a racing game, Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix 3 v1.0, that as far as I am aware, were never beaten. I have got in a box in my loft games such as; the original Civilization, the original Railroad Tycoon, the first Silent service sub game, amongst dozens of other classics. KSP is, and always will be, an all time classic. I want it stay as such, and as all things do, it can get even better. I have never, nor will
  7. Not sure what you are saying here. Isn't the current tree a part web? Ian, I don't think this has relevance to my idea.
  8. Anyway, it doesn't matter what it is, I have a new and vastly improved way to progress through KSP in career mode. The last time I played KSP was when 1.10 dropped. Starting a new career, I worked my way to 'purchasing' with science, the entire science tree. Then I stopped. I recon there was at least half the contents in the science tree that I never used. It bugged me often since then. I have never used neon kit. Never, in all the time I have had KSP since 2012. Then the light bulb moment from out of the blue as to why I lost interest after obtaining a full science tree, and how to
  9. I've seen some of my ideas mentioned already, but other additions and improvements could or should be considered: First thing from the videos is the graphics. They are looking good. Hopefully the exhaust s will plume bigger with altitude in atmospheres. I think I have seen gas exhausts from fuel tanks. Great. But, I haven't seen the tons of ice falling off the rockets at launch yet. Sound time/distance delay. I hate hearing something immediately as it crashes 10k away. Someone else has mentioned doplar effect as well. Multiple connections must be
  10. Yes, the thrust to weight ratio increases all the time the engines are on, or Valentina deploys something.
  11. Great minds think alike. I posted this last week. I was an engineer in the RAF for 27 years. Celebrated my 2 anniversary of being a civvy again yesterday. I miss it more than I thought I would.
  12. We are missing the kerbal government. How about hiring the staff at a cost. I mean, we could need 400k engineers to get to Mun. Thats a lot of money that can only come from a government. You then have the time versus cost aspect. Are you going to make it on time with what you have. What about the Kerbal population. Do they want us to go to Mun or Tylo. Do they complain about cost or want more spent? What about a change in government. Will they be for or against space travel. Testing stations, LUT's. Where are my LUT building blocks? Where are the controlled gas escape on charged tanks, or the
  13. I love this game. I watched Neil, live, when he took that first step. I was 7. At about aged 50, KSP arrived. Thanks Squad. For a few years now I have found that once I get all the science needed to get ALL the toys, I feel that I have achieved enough and lose all incentive to carry on. The next upgrade gets released, and the cycle is restarted. I got all the toys. Job done. Recently I bought, what I hope will be, a fantastic car production game that is in Alpha. The developer is full hands on, getting and considering all feedback from we, the testers/owners of his game. But, like KS
  14. Squad have done exactly the right thing. Keep it up Squad. Anyone think that a certain Shuttle launch should have been delayed a bit more?
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