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  1. I think KSP have indirectly confirmed that political statements cannot be made in this forum. I don't expect them too be made in the wonderful game they have given us either. On another note, and I have seen this in other forums, the 'clique society'. The 'noob' (not likely aged 57 with 26 years military service under my belt) comes into a forum with their opinion. You will then see those who love the sound of their own keyboard come in with their own and only correct opinion, dissing the 'noobs' own opinion. You will have to get out of bed a little earlier to get your oh so great opinions past me keyboard sound lovers. My opinion about the salute has been proved correct beyond all reasonable doubt, and I expect KSP to remove it. There has been some very funny suggestions for mannerisms a Kerbal could have in this thread, and KSP could take the mannerism idea further by introducing mannerisms for certain situations.
  2. Shall we allow the [snip - forbidden word for the German army in the second world war] salute if salutes are allowed? I know your country uses the heart hold or whatever you call it. I been following NASCAR for the last 10 years. Politics should be kept out of this game. There are other game forums where the forum rules themselves state that politics should not be discussed. Let alone be introduced into the game. A salute is a political statement. I say again. Should we have the [snip] salute if salutes are allowed? KSP. Watch your gestures also. A positive gesture in one country, means something completely different in another.
  3. Ignorance is bliss. So I will enlighten you. Where did Mexico's unique hand gesture during their anthem originate? This is called “saludo a la bandera” (salute the flag) and this gesture is the way the Mexicans give respects to the Mexican Flag and is stipulated by the Mexican laws during the Flag ceremony in official and sports events where the Flag is involved. Citing the law related to the use of the Mexican Flag. ARTÍCULO 14.- El saludo civil a la Bandera Nacional se hará en posición de firme, colocando la mano derecha extendida sobre el pecho, con la palma hacia abajo, a la altura del corazón. Los varones saludarán, además con la cabeza descubierta. El Presidente de la República, como Jefe Supremo de las fuerzas armadas, la saludará militarmente. The civil salute to the Mexican Flag will be done in a straight position, putting the right hand extended over the breast, with the palm facing down to where the heart is located. The male people will salute the flag with the head uncovered. So KSP. Should political statements be in this game? How careful were you in getting the localisation upgrade correct?
  4. I'm ok with those mannerisms, but, loose the heart hold salute and the shaking hands mannerisms. One is political, the other looks like a medical condition. Neither have any place in this game.
  5. KSP launcher update button is greyed out. What do I need to do, save from yet again dl it from the website?
  6. jagfour

    Cooling NV-Rs

    I've spent most of today just testing the use of fuel as a coolant. It doesn't work fully. For instance, you cannot cycle fuel around easily and when you transfer fuel from one place to another, the fuel does not take any heat with it. I have found that keeping Oxident in the bottom of the fuel stacks does soak heat away from the engine better. I think adding fuel cycling through fuel lines and heat within fuel should be added. Fuel is used to control temperature in reality, both in aircraft and rockets.
  7. jagfour

    Communal Fuel

    This is how I connect engines to tanks if I want to collect all fuel and share it to all connected engines. I usually seperate satelite engines from their tanks. Connect satelite tanks to the centre tank with fuel lines. The centre tank engines can be directly connected to it, but the satelite engines are fed with fuel lines from the centre tank. The satelite tanks empty first but the engines remain fed from the centre tank and it allows you to eject the empty satelite tanks and engines when or if desired. Just as an option, I call the centre tank the collector tank in the case above. You could use more than one collector tank, but if you want equal sharing, only connect engines via collector tanks.
  8. This is the same thing that has happened to me. I used struts to try and attach it better to the fuel tank but it didn\'t fix it. I suspect a bug here.