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  1. Landed a plane while another jet was already parked on the runway.
  2. I decided to try out the new mk2 spaceplane parts. Threw something together, upon takeoff I tore off one of the rear landing gear. After a few tower buzzes I decided to bring it in for a landing. Jeb seems happy enough with the result.
  3. Considering they're in interstellar space, don't see anything too wrong with it. Besides: three galaxy class ships in 1 scene = your argument is invalid. And thanks for making me feel nostalgic about the awesomeness that is DS9!
  4. Yes SpaceX and Orbital Sciences Corp absolutely do, as they only prosper because of the US federal government and the grants and contracts it awards. Furthermore US law prohibits exporting rocketry and many other high tech products (ex: F22). Just like Lockheed Martin and Boeing represent the military capabilities of the US federal gov't, Spacex and Orbital Sciences mostly represent US space capabilities.
  5. Then what about the people who made the simulation? How did their universe come to be?
  6. The UAE is a lot less wealthy than y'all percieve. It's revenue is of "only" $130B, compared to the $2770B of the US, and NASA's ~$18B budget. It's also a lot less oil dependant that you think, 71% of its GDP comes from non-oil sectors. Dubai especially, receives its wealth from its position as a tax haven and as a hub for international finances.
  7. http://www.gao.gov/products/GAO-14-631 "The Space Launch System (SLS) program is making solid progress on the SLS design. However, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has not developed an executable business case based on matching the program's cost and schedule resources with the requirement to develop the vehicle and conduct the first flight test in December 2017 at the required confidence level of 70 percent." The worrisome part: " According to the program's risk analysis, however, the agency's current funding plan for SLS may be $400 million short of what the program n
  8. Plenty of white people vote Democrat too you know... The upcoming midterm elections are very important.
  9. Actually most of this stuff stems from US military research. The first microprocessor was designed for use in the F14, and the internet as you all know started as a DARPA initiative.
  10. When I was like 8 and I needed to get my adenoids removed. Fell to sleep, woke up, and didn't even know what happened because I was young .
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