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  1. Brotoro, a possible solution would be to recreate the affect ships in 0.25, then use Hyperedit to get them to Laythe. With some config file tweaks, they'd all have the same crew, fuel and other resources that they do now. Think this might work?
  2. Hey Rune, I love your crafts. Whilst I'm not a terribly good pilot of planes (or designer of them, either), these things fly so great even I manage to get them places. Have you ever experimented with (or have plans for) some kind of piggy-backing plane/SSTO that could be dropped from a mothership of sorts? Kind of like Virgin's SpaceShipTwo carried by the White Knight Two.
  3. I hope the current crew get a good send-off from Laythe when their replacement crew arrives. Kinda sad the current guys (not forgetting the gal's, of course) have to leave, they're such an awesome, funny bunch of characters. Although, it'll be interesting to see how Brotoro writes these new fellas and what kind of characters they'll be.
  4. Awesome work here, Brotoro, I'd read every entry so far - and you even inspired me to try and get to Laythe! And I'm one of the worst at making stuff to go interplanetary. I managed it though, by stealing your tug design and blending it with my own launcher. And boy, was it worth the hours upon hours of failed burns - finally getting the White Dart (made by Rune) onto Laythe was well worth the time! Anyway, have you thought of sending the chaps on Laythe a jet bike to mess around with? It might be able to get to the places the BirdDogs and Fidos can't when roving - and I imagine it'd be fairly
  5. This gives me yet another idea - giving Kerbin rings! Sure, they won't be like Saturn's but it'd be kinda cool. Could make for interesting escapes from Kerbin's SOI, considering you'd have to fly through a ring/asteroid belt. Perhaps another time, though. VAB asteroid landings first, I say.
  6. Doesn't really matter, to be honest. Naturally, landing it straight onto the VAB from orbit could be tricky with the small area you have to land on but also seeing it lifted up by another ship could be good - with it's own set of challenges to get it working. In short, go with whatever you feel like.
  7. Damn, that's pretty good - and with a pretty small craft too. Nice work, I bet with a few refinements it'll be atop the VAB.
  8. I second that idea! That'd look pretty awesome, actually. Difficult and laggy, probably, but damn awesome nonetheless.
  9. Ooh, ambitious - I like your thinking. Good luck, and I can't wait to see how things go!
  10. Well, I'd been planning this pretty much since I'd heard about the ARM patch/addon. I just happened to be awake and on the internet when the update was released, so I figured I'd jump on the forum and make the challenge. I had an attempt at doing the challenge myself, though I used cheats so my "attempt" doesn't count - I was more messing around and having fun than actually attempting the challenge. I DID manage to do it, through the use of the most powerful engine, a minimalistic ship, infinite fuel/RCS, hacked gravity and the smallest possible asteroid. Considering how difficult I found it,
  11. I've got a challenge for you all. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to grab an asteroid and land it on Kerbin. But not just anywhere on Kerbin, but at KSC - atop the VAB. The bigger the asteroid is, the better. Oh, and do it legitimately if you can: meaning no infinite fuel, RCS, hacked grav or Hyperedit. If you can't get it atop the VAB, I'd still love to see how close you got it (or the remains of your attempt, if things go boom XD) Have fun, people - I doubt this'll be easy. (I've tried to just get an asteroid into a stable orbit around Kerbin and... heh, it's not easy - for
  12. Ah, thank you. I didn't think to look in there - just shows why I should never try to manage a thread (even basic things like changing the title) when it's 2am in the morning.
  13. Well, Merendel, it worked! I finally managed to get the plane into orbit and ready for the tug to dock and take it to Laythe. Tarrow, you make an interesting point. I considered it myself but I figured the wheels might counteract it. Now I think about it again, you could be right. Doesn't matter too much now, it's up in space without too much of a problem and ready for it's trip to Laythe. Thanks all! Could a mod lock this thread for me and change the title to show it's been answered? (I can't find a way to do it myself, unlike on other forums)
  14. Ah, good idea; I'd totally overlooked that. And I had thought about it, but I disregarded the idea because of where the docking port is. If I'd docked a tug there, it'd spin the ship around when burning, therefore I can't use it. At least, I think it will. I'll go attach some more reaction wheels to the tanks and I'll get back to you, Merendel. Thanks for the help as well, Skorpychan.
  15. Hi all, I'm not the best of designers, I'm generally better at flying things, so I've probably made a massive mistake with the design somewhere that I can't see - that's where I hope someone/some people from the community can help me. So, I've been trying to get a space plane over to Laythe the last few hours by sending a space plane up into Kerbin orbit, docking it onto a tug craft then sending it to Laythe. However, I've been encountering the same issue again and again when I've launched the space plane: when I get to around 10,000m, the whole craft pitches up suddenly and I cannot keep it s
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