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  1. I don't even know what those are, I'm guessing it's the individual likes a post gets? Hmmm, haven't really thought about that yet.
  2. Day 90: Things that go BooM! Hello fellow Kerbals, Wolfred J. Kupertino bringing you another update on the Kerbal Space Initiative! The Collective (that's what we're calling the think tank behind KSI) has been busy drumming up some designs for some nifty rockets and land-based vehicles as well. We're gathering all sorts of data all around the KSC to help inform our design process. Many corporations are keen to throw their hat into the space game and have started offering us testing contracts. Funds from these have bolstered our research and development to the point where we are actually on the verge of starting our first manned rockets. Exciting times! Aside from the numerous testing contracts, two major vehicle lines have risen to the top of our data gathering missions. The first is the R7 Termite land crawler and science vehicle. It has proven indispensible in gathering data around KSC. The wheelbase is surprisingly stable even at high speeds. The second is out Stik Series of sounding rockets. So far they have delivered science experiment paylods as high as Kerbin's upper atmosphere. We're confident we'll be able to break the atmospheric barrier with the Stik Series in no time. That'll about do it for now. The first steps to something much bigger for all of Kerbalkind. Wolfred J. Kupertino signing off.
  3. Hello folks! Wolfred J. Kupertino, Esq. here to tell you of our brand new initiative - the Kerbal Space Center! As Kerbalkind has conquered the cavernous reaches within Kerbin's upper mantle, we must look for new frontiers, new challenges, new delicious foods! Many have suggested that we colonize the surface of Kerbin itself, but that's boring. An even better idea has presented itself - let's strap ourselves to rockets that we hurl at the various large orbs of cheese in the sky. FUN! SCIENCE! CHEESE! What more could you ask for? And so it was decided, Kerbals will have their cheese. Though we must make the necessary preparations. How will we build these rockets? Who will fly them? What types of crackers should we bring? All these questions and more need to be answered and the Kerbal Space Center is where we will find these answers. We have collected our top minds - cheese experts, fireworks enthusiasts, stunt pilots - in the Center to work in coordination with some of the most well-known manufacturers of gadgets and thingamajigs. Together, we will achieve our goals of extraplanetary cuisine. At this time, I would like to thank the various corporations and individuals that have made contributions to the Kerbal Space Initiative. They are as follows: SQUAD - For their efforts in developing cheese asteroid-capturing technology. [Asteroid Day] Magi Co. - Developing the backend of our logistics systems, Kerbalnaut training, and phototelemetry system. [Field Experience, Sensible Screenshot] [Kerbal Construction Time] Enzo Meertens - Although most Kerbals like things that go boom, Enzo's controversial theories have helped us make parts more durable, thereby giving us a greater chance at obtaining cheese nirvana. [Kerbal Krash System] Wernher von Kerman - Developing a method for identifying more extraplanetary cheese objects (ECO) [ResearchBodies] Yemo - The wise sage responsible for developing the methodologies for overall mission Scope, Economy and Tech Integration (SETI) [SETI-BalanceMod, SETI-CommunityTechTree] Claw - A mysterious white hat hacker that has helped the KSA with identifying bugs and vulnerabilities in our mission control and simulation software. [Stock Bugfixes & StockPlus] Umbra Space Industries - Developing a low-cost launch vehicles for experimental purposes. [Sounding Rockets!] We have many more developments in the works, but we need more time. And Kredits. You know what they say, time is kredits. So I guess that means we need twice as much Kredits, right? I'll have to run that by our experts - just a second. Yep, Jeb just said, "2x Kredits." So we need Kredits. If you want to help out with that - guess what - YOU CAN! Simply visit any of our media channels below or take part in the discussion here. The Kerbin government will donate Kredits for every view/reply/subscriber/follower earned! If you so wish, you can donate your hard earned Kredits and have a mission dedicated in your name! All the suits said I have to post the accounting specifics for our public research funds so here it is: Starting Funds: 1265000 SETI - Balance Mod ----------------------- 294800 SETI - Community TechTree Kerbal Construction Time ---------------- 276867 Kerbal Krash System ----------------------- 10636 ResearchBodies ----------------------------- 24689 Field Experience ---------------------------- 38258 Sensible Screenshots Sounding Rockets ------------------------- 170789 Stock Bug Fix Modules & StockPlus --- 419140 Asteroid Day --------------------------------- 22410 Total: 1257589 7411 remaining Tune into our Twitch channel to celebrate our first test launch ever at KSC. It will be happening LIVE on Jan 27th 7pm PST @ Well, that's it for me. I got some important zero-gravity experiments to conduct on crackers. Wolfred J. Kupertino signing off.
  4. So full disclosure: never even been to Duna but I've put quite a few hours into this game and love messing around with mods for it. Haven't played in while - since before the game hit 1.0 - and I'm looking to satisfy that KSP itch yet again. This time I'm looking forward to not only streaming my progress but putting together this handy dandy mission journal together. I've been inspired by some of the other threads here as well as some youtube series like HatBat's and MaceyDean's wonderful work. As a result, I'll be putting the journal posts together from the perspective of a Kerbal working in the organization and try to keep things in-character as much as possible. First though, I've got to explain a few things. Like many modders however, I have trouble restraining myself from absolutely bloating the game with a ton of mods. To combat this, I've come up with a system that forces me to make some choices and earn points to "purchase" mods. I call it meta-modding. Here's how it works: KSP Meta-Modding This will involve me playing Career mode in Kerbal Space Program and using a Kredits system to "purchase" mods I want to use in my playthrough. Credits will be earned from views/follows/subscribers/donations I get to my various channels and groups online. The breakdown of which follows: Twitch: 1 view = 1000 credits 1 follow = 10000 credits YouTube: 1 view = 1000 Kredits 1 subscriber = 10000 Kredits KSP Forum: 1 view = 1000 Kredits 1 reply = 10000 Kredits Steam Group: 1 new member = 10000 Kredits Donations: 1 USD = 50000 Kredits The cost of mods will be determined by their current viewcount of their thread in the KSP modding forum. Most mods range from a few hundred thousand views to a couple million for more of the popular ones. This will hopefully result in a fun playthrough and help me limit my modding obsession while creating a fun, interactive experience for all of you. Stay tuned!