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  1. Thank you guys for your responses so far! I appreciate your feedback, and I'm really glad you guy liked it!
  2. Hey guys, heres my video First KSP video I've ever made public, and I am pretty proud of it. I looked around a little and couldn't find anyone else who made a shuttle in vanilla KSP and also landed it on the runway in the same mission, so I felt that this would be a strong first video. Thank you very much for watching it, I really appreciate it. Please let me know how I can make future videos better and maybe give me some ideas of other missions I could make a video of. Feedback in general would be greatly appreciated. Thank you guys very much! It means a lot to me. Hopefully this video will be a stepping stone and I can begin to make even more videos!
  3. Scott, you are one of those Youtubers that you just can wait to see in your inbox. I love your videos!
  4. I don't know the exact math behind it, but if the orbital craft (the actual piece with the winch) is heavy enough in relation to the lander and in a synchronous orbit, it should hold there quite fine, as long as ascent and descent are slow and steady, and you drop location is equatorial. There's no wind or anything in space (unless you count solar wind, it wont really push the craft unless it's made of special materials) so dropping the lander wouldn't pull the orbiter in odd directions. The wind on the planet (assuming it's not moving a super-sonic speeds) shouldn't be to much of an issue either.
  5. I wonder if since the atmosphere is so thick, that if you were do deploy a parachute while going too fast, you might just tear off your parachute. Maybe we'll have to do a quick retroburn and then deploy a parachute in order to land safely. I just hope that the new planets aren't as laggy as Kerbin is at the moment.
  6. Pretty cool. Its really similar to the docking design I use in my own world.
  7. And now it gets better. Now you'll be able to all kinds of crazy things!
  8. Congratulations! I did that once back in .15 and it was awesome. Nice looking ship btw!
  9. It would be awesome if we made them. However, if squad makes them they can incorporate things that has to do with the upcoming campaign and can use new parts. They can also put in purposefully bad ships to mess with the newbies So I'm going to go with Squad making them. Good idea though!
  10. Absolutely fantastic! Your commentary was great and the content was spectacular! One of the best KSP videos I have seen thus far. KEEP MAKING MORE!
  11. I would just make a shuttle with enough Delta V\'s to get into a solar orbit and from there just burn my way into the planets orbit and speed up time until I get into its SOI. From there I would do a number of things depending on the planet type. either a powered descent or a parachute or a combination of both. I don\'t think a space station or refueling depot will be necessary, but it would be very fun. Anyways, I\'ll be looking forward to it for sure!
  12. So I\'ve been really wanting to dock with a space station and I really don\'t like mods. I don\'t even know if there is a docking mod . But I knew there must be a way to dock a ship with default parts. I decided that when I said 'Docking\' I would consider it a success when the two ships would function and move as one. A classic way to do this is to attach lander legs to your ship and 'claw' you ships together, but that\'s not very reliable since legs snap easily or have glitched out whenever I\'ve tried them. So, I decided to get creative. Here\'s what I came up with. Basically, its a tube made of empty fuel canisters with the command module on one end and retractable wheels on the other at angles to form a rudimentary iris. Unfortunately, because of some bug, some of the canisters detached and went flying off. I lost exactly half of my 'tube', but I could still manage to hold the reconnaissance shuttle if I was careful. The ship dubbed 'Birdcage' managed to pilot the other ship around for about a minute before it slipped out of one of the missing sides. I had planned to use the Birdcages fuel for re-entry but since they were no longer docking I had no choice but to EVA my reconnaissance shuttle and latch the pilot to the side of the pod and re-enter that way. The Birdcage managed to slow down just enough to get down to 25,000m before running out of fuel at which point I returned to the spacecraft to review the situation. The Kerbal from the Reconnaissance ship was no longer on board and to my horror was floating 13km away and getting farther from the ship. He had 60% fuel and I managed to fly him to the Birdcage but didn\'t have enough fuel to slow down and he bounced off into space and to his inevitable demise during re-entry. His relatives were informed of his demise and had the song 'Major Tom' by the Shiny Toy Guns played to them for Awesomes sake. The pilot of the Birdcage screamed to hard in terror that his mouth would never close for the rest of his life until he choked on a mosquito while driving down a highway in his roofless konvertebal. Anyways, here are some screen caps from the whole experience. Also, if anyone can help me get those nice big images, please do. I don\'t know how
  13. If those legs weren\'t adjusted, you sir are a god!
  14. You may have had some ship debris which counts as ojects, or he sneezed in his helmet and fell to Kerbin.
  15. Apparently I cant watch it because of copyright derpiness.
  16. So I had been dreaming of doing a reconnaissance and then using lander legs to 'dock' with my space station. Unfortunately, SAS modules don\'t stay activated while your not flying the vehicle so the ships just ended up spinning next to each other like derpy little Kerbals do. It was surprisingly easier than I predicted. I had spend hours with a nervousness in me just going over trajectories and orbital mechanics and confusing myself. Turns out, once you get close, and 'close' can be very far away, RCS can take control and the entire mission is a breeze. I did this with no mods and lots of patience. There was one weird glitch though, and it put the nail in the coffin for my docking idea. Basically my lander legs got messed up and some were up and some were down, and every time I would press 'G' they would just swap. :/ Heres some screen caps!
  17. to attach a craft file, there is an attachment option beneath the text box. Use that to browse for the file. You will find the files in the KSP folder, KSP_win, Ships, VAB. Easy as Pi. And its probably a bug. I\'d be happy to test it out on my end to see if its just your version of the game.
  18. I personally don\'t like Mech-jeb, but that\'s just me. Flying a ship is the majority of the game and when you use Mech-Jeb it defeats the entire point of playing. You might as well let the computer do everything. :/
  19. Now we need an orbiting space hotel!
  20. Congratulations. This games a booger isn\'t it? One you start you cant stop. In fact I got hooked before even playing. I aw 5 minutes of game-play and bought it straight up and I haven\'t regretted a minute of it. The demo version doesn\'t limit frame rate, but you can optimize your setting in the settings window. So gratz in your orbit. This is only the beginning of so many painstaking sleepless nights and random explosions. That being said, welcome to Kerbal Space Program!
  21. Not my first, but my first with he big command pod.
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