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  1. This was actually the intended use of that contract. It all started back with the "Get Science in Orbit of X" contracts - players were spamming them, and repeatedly completing them using the same craft. That sort of felt like an exploit, so it was slated for patching up, as a lot of contracts have special logic to prevent exploitative behavior when applicable. The thing was that any time there was an attempt to "fix" this "problem", there was quite a lot of resistance to the idea. Players really enjoyed these repeatable contracts because back then there were no contextual objectives (like
  2. Leadership Initiative was added when milestones were added because there are indeed players that wish career mode was less guided, and more free-form, like sandbox mode with funds and science. These players wouldn't be satisfied with any changes to contracts, because contracts are not what they want from career mode. The reason it has such a large activation cost is because of the initial "record" milestones - altitude records, speed records, distance records, and depth records. There are a lot of those early in the game to kickstart your career on a positive note, and give new players so
  3. Good stuff. I like the new contract briefings. They read less gibberishy, and incidentally look easier to localize.
  4. RoverDude has never worked extensively on contracts to my knowledge, you might be thinking of my prior work. As far as I'm aware the word "Kerbol" is not and has never been in the game anywhere. If you see it, grab a screenshot and report it on the bug tracker. For the most part, it is referred to as "the Sun". The words "keliosynchronous" and "keliostationary" are in the game, however, so you might be thinking of those. You can find them in Contracts.cfg, and can modify them there if K-Syndrome is bothering you.
  5. Then this is a bug, and should be reported. It should be offering them under certain conditions.
  6. It's not a matter of importance, it's a matter of progression. What happens is the game sees that you are ready for advanced stuff on x, and therefore also qualify for a flyby at y. After your flyby, it creates a pool of advanced X subjects and basic Y subjects, and makes a choice from the pool that is created. The only time it checks distances is when it calculates the next flyby, otherwise it's just watching your progression. It could probably use a few extra options to allow people to tweak how they want it to behave. There are a lot of these in Contracts.cfg, but there could probab
  7. I mean, nobody's ever asked me, so that would help. As would mentioning me properly so I get pinged, as I am active on the forums. It isn't really a mystery at all. Explore contracts have a very specific logic to them that is semi-random, but also quite ordered at the same time. They used to be entirely random, but that is not the case anymore. I'm not going to get into specific details, but here is the gist of things. They look at what you have done on the planets you have been to. They will keep offering you objectives on those planets up until a certain point of progression has been me
  8. Asteroid Day is open source and can be modified, as per the modding guidelines, and has a permissive license. The source code comes right with the addon.
  9. This stuff does (eventually) get to them, and they really appreciate it. Edit: But it gets there faster if you poke @sal_vager.
  10. These sorts of things depend on a bit more than how many vocal advocates there are on this forum though. If you pick out any individual feature, it's going to have someone that thinks it could use improvement, and has written a very long forum post or two about this assertion. As an example, there was an independent poll a while back with a several thousand responses that showed that over 60% of the player-base primarily played career mode. If you just read the forums, then this number will probably surprise you. The problem with career mode is that everybody has different ideas about wha
  11. Just anybody that's ever participated in a pre-release, reported an issue to the bug tracker, read the forums, or read the devnotes.
  12. Not quite, but you're on the right track. Floating point math breaks down as you move further away from the origin due to loss of precision. Only so many decimal places can fit in a number, and as the numbers get larger, you get more places on the left, and less places on the right. In most games this causes unpredictable symptoms. My first encounter with it was modding Morrowind - cliff racers spawned very far out in the ocean would jitter like mad. That's a common symptom, but you see it sprout up in various ways. I think in Minecraft they call it the "Far Lands" or something. Anyway, t
  13. You're getting a null reference exception. If you type /stacktrace into the console it (may) give you more detailed information that the creator of said mod might want.
  14. KerbNet is a part of the stock game, a feature that I personally had a heavy hand in implementing. It allows you to map the surface of planets, visualizing the terrain, the biomes, and occasionally spotting where an anomaly is whether that anomaly is static or not. They aren't though, most of them are still static. However, if all of them were randomized...now that people have a stock way to find them, I don't think that would be such a terrible thing. It might even be a decent idea for a mod.
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