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  1. Bamse

    Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

    So it's been quite a while since I've shared pictures here (Like 3-4 years xD), and I thought you guys should not miss the gem I shared on reddit almost a year ago, so without further ado, may I introduce my take on the Energia II (Uragan)!
  2. Saw no mention of Kerblism in the MKS OP, or MKS in the Kerbalism OP. I thought this was a MM problem at first which I'd not seen anyone else post anything about, now I get that it's a mod conflict. Hence no need to discuss this any further here =) MKS have some nice things for making offworld colonies quite a lot easier, but it isn't 100% necessary, so I'll just remove it and use KPBS+EPL for now =) Thx for the help anyways @PiezPiedPy
  3. Thanks @blowfish and @PiezPiedPy, I will take a look once I have time to see if it fixes some of the problems =) I am running Kerbalism though, but seeing as MKS can run without a lifesupport mod, I thought it wouldn't be a problem. I'm not running USI-LS, cause obviously running multiple lifesupport mods would be asking for trouble, but it might just be that MKS and Kerbalism will not play nicely together (Even though they should). @PiezPiedPy The config you linked is the one I also linked, and already use, just FYI(Ran diff on the code in SublimeText, it's a 100% match).. Should've probably mentioned that I know how to poke around on GitHub to find patches and such
  4. So I have run into a problem with my 1.4.3 RSS install, but the mods that are problematic are SSPXR(Stockalike Station Parts Expansion Redux) and MKS(Modular Kolonization System). Well, seems to mostly be MKS, since MM didn't throw any errors before adding that, but I wanted to know if anyone could lead me in the right direction as to why these errors suddenly occur. Hopefully it can help others in the same situation or if it's a bug I can relay it to the mod authors =) I do not have the necessary insight into how MM functions to even attempt a decent fix. The only thing I could fix, were some of the errors from SSPXR, by putting in the integer values from the part cfgs that the patch tries to alter, instead MM trying to copy them. KSP.log included, so are the two files that are causing trouble(StockTweaks from MKS and SSPXR-MKS-Extras from SSPXR). Thank you for your time =) Disclaimer: I know that a couple of the mods I use are not officially updated to 1.4.3. I've recompiled the newest(dev) versions of these by myself, after reading that other people with more insight into the mods had done the same with succes. If this is a problem, disregard the whole thing and I'll just have to remove MKS from the mod pool until such a time it's fixed.
  5. Thanks for an awesome mod and your continued work @Pak It's been a cornerstone in my modded playthroughs since you published it and will be for a long time yet The following wouldn't have been possible without it! Energia II Test Launch:
  6. It would seem B9 makes SMURFF throw MM errors and hinder cache creation. Might just be my heavily modded RSS install, but hey, might as well report it =) Seems to be similar to previous errors/problems in regards to the missing "addedMass". KSP.log snippet: Full log:
  7. *Edit: Did the old deleta-roo with mods that threw NREs until EPL worked as intended, was Science Alert all along, so disregard my noobish bug-report. I shall now go pester that thread instead* Also thanks for a coremod in all my KSP games, Fractal. Keep up the awesome work! (Just broke 1000 hours since Steam release, been playing since 0.15)
  8. Bamse

    Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

    Guess it's about time for me to share some pictures from my various playthroughs, aka massive image dumping time =D It has everything from stations and orbiters to landers and cubesats, so enjoy. (Last ones are the newest)
  9. Bamse

    The Great Controversy

    First off, sorry for long post but I've been following this "situation" for quite some time and gotta let out some air (= Nothing personal about this seemingly ranty stuff, it's more of a "people type thing" So you expect people who don't read the forum threads of said mod, to report crashes, provide logs and everything? Isn't that fairly contradicting behaviour? From a modders perspective, I get: I know that far from everyone on this forum knows about coding or modding, but it is YOUR obligation to read the readme's and instructions of the mods you download, even if you don't understand the source code. When I comment some code I wrote, it's not my responsibility to make sure the end user reads it, but to make sure it's readable and understandable by another coder. If I want to make it understandable for the end user, I can, but that's often a lot of work, seeing as you have to cover all levels of understanding. But as a tech savy, heavy modded KSP player: If you download things to your computer, in my opinion, sign off as knowing what you are downloading. You don't bring total strangers into your home without at least doing some kind of assesment on them, same goes for software. If you don't trust the provider, you stay away from it. Seeing as every mod HAVE to give the source, you ALWAYS have the option to see what the plugin does. Whether you do or don't, is your own decission, but crying wolf about the intend and purpose of said mod is just riding the "Big Brother" wave of bad things. And all this stuff about version checkers had me wonder: Have people ever been riled up about the checker in Kerbal Alarm Clock? Or the Toolbar? Those two have existed for quite some time and I have never seen people complain about that feature of those mods. In the end, if you're afraid about being monitored on the Internet, I'm sorry to say, but you have been from the first time you plugged your computer in. It's the way the Internet works =)
  10. Here you go =) ACTIVE_TEXTURE_MANAGER_CONFIG { folder = UmbraSpaceIndustries enabled = true OVERRIDES { UmbraSpaceIndustries/[^/]* { compress = true mipmaps = false scale = 1 max_size = 0 make_not_readable = false } UmbraSpaceIndustries/MKS/ORS.* { compress = false mipmaps = false scale = 1 max_size = 0 make_not_readable = false } } }
  11. If you have MKS (Modular Kolonization System) installed, you need to add a config for the OpenRessourceSystem maps that comes along (Same exception as is in the WarpPlugin config). Had the same problem and it seems to have fixed it =)
  12. The hypetrain doesn't stop for anything but release!!! Full steam ahead!
  13. I'm jumping aboard this thing. CANNOT... CONTAIN... SO MUCH HYPE!!
  14. Bamse

    Mods included into stock game

    As far as I remember in some of the Weekly's after 0.19 or 0.20, the Devs were still working on the planetary resources system. In a way, we're already collecting a new resource in the form of science, so I'm taking a wild guess that might have to do with the same system in some way or form. But as already stated, it is a huge feature to add and not doing it correctly could be quite bad, but I'm fairly certain it'll pop up again down the line
  15. Bamse

    Cold Sun?

    I wouldn't call 10^10 particles per cm^3, "a few hydrogen molecules" or vacuum =) . Sirrobert is correct in his statement, as the solar corona can reach temperatures as high as 10MK(10 million Kelvin) and as of now, two theories are leading as to trying to explain where the corona gets its massive amount of energy from within the Sun. With that said, you're correct in the definition of temperature (motion of molecules/atoms), but I would worry a lot more about radiation, CMEs (Coronal Mass Ejections) and gravitational tidal forces than temperatures, if I were to go close to our Sun Making a spacecraft survive the temperatures of the surface of the Sun wouldn't be a big as a task as to create one that would survive the gravitational forces. Kerbals have it backwards though =)