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  1. send it over to Romfarer. He has a guidance system that is (mostly) operational.
  2. The lazor guided missiles are awesome!!! Works as advertised. Great update to a great mod.
  3. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!!!. Beautiful work.
  4. Thank you MrPwner is correct. Those parts are from NovaPunch. Got it back in July. Word to the wise:Never delete modpacks unless they suck/become unusable.
  5. All thanks to you,redSpar:) . cant wait to trick-out your future projects
  6. Time for some serious Kethane mining(four really big pics,incoming) Last pic shows the mobile rig that this monster is replacing once I get it balanced so it's not so hard to fly.
  7. This is a much needed addition to the Kerbal universe. looking forward to this release. make sure the cargo decoupler makes the cargo give no drag if possible,it is tucked away after all. and zero decouple force, other wise it would launch itself into the bay, I would think.
  8. Did someone say "eagle kethane tanker"? One of the first things I did,made this two days ago. It has a very slight lean forward,very slight. a small tank adjustment would correct it but its so little it is not a bother. it handles as if it were just a regular Eagle,kinda. The vtols have a hard time slowing descent. Love the eagle. small problem I have is that the legs fall off pretty easily.
  9. woohoo! thanks for keeping this going,RedSpar. Do you have future plans for this(other then scaling) or any other projects.?
  10. Although the Valkyrie is an awesome aircraft, the B-1 is just so dang sexy. Such a beautiful piece of machinery. Big pics ahead... Can I be greedy and have both LOL P.S.: Lazurkri, cant agree more.
  11. It was about a month before I noticed them lol. Glad to have helped.

  12. @Hyrtel- Actually if you scroll down to the bottom of the page there is a list of quick links to bb codes, smilies and examples on how to use them. On topic: thanks for slimming these bad boys down. Is your cat going to be a future release? If so, will it have mechjeb functionality?