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  1. ilithyia

    KSP in German News

    The German newspaper "Die Welt" advices everyone to buy and try this wonderfully complex game.
  2. Since this guide is really good, I took the liberty to copy it to the KSPwiki and adjust the formulas to the LaTeX math mode there. I hope you don't mind. A Guide to Basic Kerbal Rocket Design Through Rocket Science
  3. Why don't you use the original Engineer model, I bet neither jhulthgre nor the designer Evolution have problems with it being used, as long as you mention the original.
  4. ilithyia

    [0.16] KW Rocketry v0.5

    Why do you post this in the KW thread? This pack has its own decouplers which should be strong enough. The 2m decoupler shroud for example has breakingForce and Torque of 8000.
  5. ilithyia

    [0.16] KW Rocketry v0.5

    I also see the wobbling, but when i test it, it happens with every KW part I used. Stock rocket with KW engine or fuel tank immeadiately wobbles on the launch pad but is fine in the atmosphere. The wobble also seems to increase with the amount of KW parts and as soon as I use any sidemounted engines not even the launch stabilizers can stop the wobbling. With the sidemounts the wobble also persists when in air and makes the rocket absolutely unflyable. I really love this pack, but sadly it is unusable for me this way.