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  1. Hi, could I have your Craft file for this awesome shuttle design. All my try to recreate your ship where failure
  2. Hi, Thank for maintaining this superb mods, one of my must-have. I have 2 comment -I didn’t found the K TAV Shuttle Cockpit (k.10m.cockpit.legacy) in game, his files are in the mods, but didn’t appear ingame. I try to modifie the .cfg , but nothing happen. -About the ISC Galactic Sabretooth, what are the pieces over/under the J60 engine nacelles, because I didn’t recognise them and KerbalX modlist didn’t help? Thank you again
  3. Rubber Band Inc: Caterpillar tracks.

    Thunderbird's tracked vehicle (Mole , firefly and recovery vehicle) they all have the same track and wheel set
  4. Rubber Band Inc: Caterpillar tracks.

    Are they inspired by the panzer 6 "Tiger" ?
  5. MMI Development Thread

    Hi First , your mods are really awesome... Second time , where have you obtain or download the "Topol" type truck use in this picture I have already see the video made with this Vehicle, but i'm looking where download the truck... Thank PS: This is my first post-ever... i don't know how to minimise...