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  1. The ability to build things during a flight has been a feature I've been wanting for years. This has opened up so many different mission profiles it's super cool. As an example, I recently put up a science base on Minmus. It's been a long time since I'd played, so I had forgotten the finer points of science processing. I didn't have enough battery power. Before this update, this would have been a failed mission. However, with 1.11, I was able to send up an engineer with a few batteries and extra solar panels in stow. I was able to fix up my mistake, and now it looks kinda makeshift too, which is pretty cool. Great update fellas!
  2. As mentioned before, it's thrust-to-cross section isn't the greatest. However, when one considers that with an engine plate one can get as many engines as needed, it begins to look better. For a small mass and part count penalty, one can get a Skipper's thrust on a 1.875 stack.
  3. Finally got around to playing with helos
  4. I think I've perfected my early game science bomber. It only requires the first plane parts and flies like a dream. It's the best plane I've ever made.
  5. Still early in my career so getting some more science around KSC
  6. I've been playing KSP after like a four year hiatus. Built my classic science bomber and deployed a rover with the scanning arm. All that trouble for a measly 5 science!
  7. Surprised and excited to see you. Time will tell if I get just as hooked to the return as I did to the original :D

  8. Surprised and excited to see this. Time will tell if I get just as hooked to the sequel as I did to the original
  9. It's in the account settings of your account.
  10. If by been on the team the longest, I think it might be Supernovy or myself. If by age... well I'll let them answer that :p. EDIT: Forgot about Purpletarget and SJWT, they were here before me.
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