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  1. As mentioned before, it's thrust-to-cross section isn't the greatest. However, when one considers that with an engine plate one can get as many engines as needed, it begins to look better. For a small mass and part count penalty, one can get a Skipper's thrust on a 1.875 stack.
  2. Finally got around to playing with helos
  3. I think I've perfected my early game science bomber. It only requires the first plane parts and flies like a dream. It's the best plane I've ever made.
  4. Still early in my career so getting some more science around KSC
  5. I've been playing KSP after like a four year hiatus. Built my classic science bomber and deployed a rover with the scanning arm. All that trouble for a measly 5 science!
  6. Surprised and excited to see you. Time will tell if I get just as hooked to the return as I did to the original :D

  7. Surprised and excited to see this. Time will tell if I get just as hooked to the sequel as I did to the original
  8. It's in the account settings of your account.
  9. If by been on the team the longest, I think it might be Supernovy or myself. If by age... well I'll let them answer that :p. EDIT: Forgot about Purpletarget and SJWT, they were here before me.
  10. I play the game from time to time. For Dwarf Fortress playing with the minimalist UI is part of the game for me. The outside dwarf management programs like Dwarf Therapist make the game too streamlined for me. I think using the shoddy interface accurately represents how a fortress run by drunk maniacs would function.
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