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  1. Well, I'll certainly take your word for it. I opened up my backup game (same mods, same 6.4x GPP, only different SD and GPP versions) and, on the launch pad, with the same rocket, I get 4,076MB (old version) versus 12,968MB (new version). I will take this as evidence that other folks are NOT having this problem and I will work on it for myself (i.e. fresh install, log file investigation, module manager messages, etc.). My hunch is that there's a circular reference with the "career saver" config file. I don't have any evidence to support this. Wish me luck! I'll let you know if I sort it out.
  2. Hey all, After updating from GPP version 1.1 to 1.2.2 (using the "save career" config file, if that matters), I now see that KSP takes up 13GB of RAM (compared to 5.6GB before the change) and makes the game entirely unplayable. When I updated the GPP version, I also updated Sigma Dimensions to the latest version. The install uses the 6.4x resize and includes plenty of other mods. I'm working on debugging it myself via the log file, but right now I'm just wondering if anyone else is having a similar experience. I have my pre-update game backed-up, so this isn't crippling, just wondering if this is a common experience. Thanks!
  3. I think this is a pretty good idea... is there any way that this new set of limitations could help improve compatibility with "Kerbal Research and Development"? I wish I had a stronger understanding of the blacklisting that happens between these mods, but I love TweakScale and Kerbal R&D both so much. I almost always manually black listing engines from TweakScale just so I can R&D them.
  4. Confirmed. Same here. Uninstalled through CKAN. Looking for the previous version now.,
  5. Wow, good catch. I appreciate the quick response. I saw that it was updated to 2.6.24 but didn't even think to see if it had been added to ckan. Just went back to check and there seems to be a bug in ckan. It shows that 2.6.23 is installed and that the latest version is 2.6.24 but doesn't offer the "update" check box.
  6. Updated Kopernicus to v1.0.3 which is compatible with KSP v.1.1.2 (the latest release). I'm still seeing the same issue; nothing seems to rescale. However, there is significant change to log files. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0vhyxfk20ilwhb7/AABvM2-NN_GgT8gWlzEzjqf0a?dl=0 It looks like it was successful?? But no change in game experience. //=============================================================================================================// //===== Kopernicus 1.0.3 - (BuildDate: 30.04.2016 08:31:16; AssemblyHash: 9AaUB43ZZtDXuEYjgwJORmZ/eTs=) =====// //=============================================================================================================// [LOG 12:12:56]: Logger "Kopernicus" was created [LOG 12:12:56]: Injector.Awake(): Begin [LOG 12:12:56]: Parsing Target name in (Kopernicus.Configuration.Loader) as (System.String) [LOG 12:12:56]: Parsing Target timeScale in (Kopernicus.Configuration.Loader) as (Kopernicus.Configuration.NumericParser`1[System.Double]) [LOG 12:12:56]: Parsing Target scale in (Kopernicus.Configuration.Loader) as (Kopernicus.Configuration.NumericParser`1[System.Double]) [LOG 12:12:56]: Parsing Target Epoch in (Kopernicus.Configuration.Loader) as (Kopernicus.Configuration.NumericParser`1[System.Double]) [LOG 12:12:56]: Parsing Target useOnDemand in (Kopernicus.Configuration.Loader) as (Kopernicus.Configuration.NumericParser`1[System.Boolean]) [LOG 12:12:56]: Parsing Target onDemandLoadOnMissing in (Kopernicus.Configuration.Loader) as (Kopernicus.Configuration.NumericParser`1[System.Boolean]) [LOG 12:12:56]: Parsing Target onDemandLogOnMissing in (Kopernicus.Configuration.Loader) as (Kopernicus.Configuration.NumericParser`1[System.Boolean]) [LOG 12:12:56]: Parsing Target mainMenuBody in (Kopernicus.Configuration.Loader) as (System.String) [LOG 12:12:56]: Parsing Target maxViewingDistance in (Kopernicus.Configuration.Loader) as (Kopernicus.Configuration.NumericParser`1[System.Double]) [LOG 12:12:56]: Parsing Target scaledSpaceFaderMult in (Kopernicus.Configuration.Loader) as (Kopernicus.Configuration.NumericParser`1[System.Double]) [LOG 12:12:56]: [Kopernicus]: Configuration.Loader: Loaded Body: Sun [LOG 12:12:56]: [Kopernicus]: Configuration.Loader: Loaded Body: Moho [LOG 12:12:56]: [Kopernicus]: Configuration.Loader: Loaded Body: Eve [LOG 12:12:56]: [Kopernicus]: Configuration.Loader: Loaded Body: Gilly [LOG 12:12:56]: [Kopernicus]: Configuration.Loader: Loaded Body: Kerbin [LOG 12:12:56]: [Kopernicus]: Configuration.Loader: Loaded Body: Mun [LOG 12:12:56]: [Kopernicus]: Configuration.Loader: Loaded Body: Minmus [LOG 12:12:57]: [Kopernicus]: Configuration.Loader: Loaded Body: Duna [LOG 12:12:57]: [Kopernicus]: Configuration.Loader: Loaded Body: Ike [LOG 12:12:57]: [Kopernicus]: Configuration.Loader: Loaded Body: Dres [LOG 12:12:57]: [Kopernicus]: Configuration.Loader: Loaded Body: Jool [LOG 12:12:57]: [Kopernicus]: Configuration.Loader: Loaded Body: Laythe [LOG 12:12:57]: [Kopernicus]: Configuration.Loader: Loaded Body: Vall [LOG 12:12:57]: [Kopernicus]: Configuration.Loader: Loaded Body: Tylo [LOG 12:12:57]: [Kopernicus]: Configuration.Loader: Loaded Body: Bop [LOG 12:12:57]: [Kopernicus]: Configuration.Loader: Loaded Body: Pol [LOG 12:12:58]: [Kopernicus]: Configuration.Loader: Loaded Body: Eeloo [LOG 12:12:58]: [Kopernicus]: Configuration.Loader: Loaded Asteroid: Stock [LOG 12:12:58]: Injector.Awake(): Completed in: 1977.9692 ms [LOG 12:12:58]: StarLightSwitcher.Start() => Sun [LOG 12:12:58]: Found Body: Sun:0 -> SOI = Infinity, Hill Sphere = Infinity [LOG 12:12:58]: Found Body: Kerbin:1 -> SOI = 84159286.4796305, Hill Sphere = 196414707.77848 [LOG 12:12:58]: Found Body: Mun:2 -> SOI = 2429559.11656475, Hill Sphere = 3170563.33757116 [LOG 12:12:58]: Found Body: Minmus:3 -> SOI = 2247428.3879023, Hill Sphere = 3730392.49065433 [LOG 12:12:58]: Found Body: Moho:4 -> SOI = 9646663.0233281, Hill Sphere = 22060314.8155466 [LOG 12:12:58]: Found Body: Eve:5 -> SOI = 85109364.7382441, Hill Sphere = 185949494.965972 [LOG 12:12:58]: Found Body: Duna:6 -> SOI = 47921949.369738, Hill Sphere = 125063736.748336 [LOG 12:12:58]: Found Body: Ike:7 -> SOI = 1049598.93931162, Hill Sphere = 1225978.58343315 [LOG 12:12:58]: Found Body: Jool:8 -> SOI = 2455985185.42347, Hill Sphere = 4065824625.34358 [LOG 12:12:58]: Found Body: Laythe:9 -> SOI = 3723645.81113302, Hill Sphere = 5186318.66159496 [LOG 12:12:58]: Found Body: Vall:10 -> SOI = 2406401.44479404, Hill Sphere = 3893201.55262435 [LOG 12:12:58]: Found Body: Bop:11 -> SOI = 1221060.86284253, Hill Sphere = 2029674.44211376 [LOG 12:12:58]: Found Body: Tylo:12 -> SOI = 10856518.3683586, Hill Sphere = 14757877.6267184 [LOG 12:12:58]: Found Body: Gilly:13 -> SOI = 126123.271704568, Hill Sphere = 142427.423478875 [LOG 12:12:58]: Found Body: Pol:14 -> SOI = 1042138.89230178, Hill Sphere = 2038945.47430365 [LOG 12:12:58]: Found Body: Dres:15 -> SOI = 32832839.5767762, Hill Sphere = 92059713.5005964 [LOG 12:12:58]: Found Body: Eeloo:16 -> SOI = 119082941.647812, Hill Sphere = 266016718.015223 [LOG 12:12:58]: Injector.OnDestroy(): Complete [LOG 12:12:59]: [Kopernicus]: RuntimeUtility Started [LOG 12:12:59]: StarLightSwitcher.Awake(): Begin
  7. The game is identical to pre-installation of 64k. The mod had no discernible effect. Edit: i could switch into full SQA mode if you want... but i was mostly just commenting on the previous poster, and then (when he didn't respond with logs) I filled in for him.
  8. Here's mine... butt loads of mods. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/28426566/KSP%2064k%20Log%20-%204-29-2016/KSP.log EDIT: Here's the entire Kopernicus log, also: //=============================================================================================================// //===== Kopernicus 1.0.2 - (BuildDate: 24.04.2016 03:19:54; AssemblyHash: EVPtIOBJH9b3mJFDeu/9aNjb1VI=) =====// //=============================================================================================================// [LOG 19:08:26]: Logger "Kopernicus" was created [LOG 19:08:26]: Injector.OnDestroy(): Complete
  9. For what it's worth, I can't seem to get 64k working either. I've tried it with Kop 1.0.2 and without the cache files in Sandworm's fix. And I've tried it with it. I'm still seeing a normal sized Kerbin. So, you're not alone OzEtkin. I think weought'a just wait for the official release.
  10. For what it's worth, I've given up for now. I tried creating a few of my own dummy parts just to test the parsing of fields that are separated both by commas and semi-colons and I don't see a way to do it. I wrote a python script to just go through *.cfg files and make the changes I want (for now).
  11. I'm trying to go through configurable tanks and re-volume them. Below is what I have (no errors, but no success). Ironically, it doesn't ruin the part as I thought it would. I expected to fail because entries in "resourceAmounts" are not exclusively comma delimited. So my hunch was that when I replaced resource amounts, var* would be empty and I'd get a bunch of zeros. But that's not what happened... instead, there was no discernible effect at all. I included a sample part in the example. @PART[TPtank1m0mA]:FOR[FuelTanksPlus]:NEEDS[!InterstellarFuelSwitch|InterstellarFuelSwitch&!CryoEngines] { MODULE { name:NEEDS[!InterstellarFuelSwitch|CryoEngines] = FSfuelSwitch name:NEEDS[InterstellarFuelSwitch&!CryoEngines] = InterstellarFuelSwitch resourceGui:NEEDS[InterstellarFuelSwitch] = LiquidFuel+Oxidizer;LiquidFuel;Oxidizer resourceNames = LiquidFuel,Oxidizer;LiquidFuel;Oxidizer resourceAmounts = 45,55;90;110 basePartMass = 0.0625 } } @PART[TP*]:HAS[MODULE[FSfuelSwitch]] { @MODULE[FSfuelSwitch] { var0 = #$resourceAmounts[0]$ var1 = #$resourceAmounts[1]$ var2 = #$resourceAmounts[2]$ var3 = #$resourceAmounts[3]$ @var0 *= 1.5 @var1 *= 1.5 @var2 *= 1.5 @var3 *= 1.5 @resourceAmounts = #$var0$,$var1$;$var3$;$var4$ } } @PART[TP*]:HAS[MODULE[InterstellarFuelSwitch]] { @MODULE[InterstellarFuelSwitch] { var0 = #$resourceAmounts[0]$ var1 = #$resourceAmounts[1]$ var2 = #$resourceAmounts[2]$ var3 = #$resourceAmounts[3]$ @var0 *= 1.5 @var1 *= 1.5 @var2 *= 1.5 @var3 *= 1.5 @resourceAmounts = #$var0$,$var1$;$var3$;$var4$ } } Any suggestions? Or is this not supported in MM?
  12. Okay. Thanks for the quick response. I've used variables in module manager before to change ISP curve, so I think I'll be able to parse it out if given enough time. I used ckan, and I think it was this mod that suggested modular fuels...I could be wrong. That why I incorrectly assumed they were linked.
  13. This might be the wrong place (I posted in Fuel Tanks plus also), but I can't seem to modify the volume of these special tanks via module manager. When I use the following, I see the volume increase in the part selector, but once I place the part the volume returns to normal. @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleFuelTanks]]:AFTER[FuelTanksPlus] { @MODULE[ModuleFuelTanks] { @volume *= 1.5 } } @PART[*]:HAS[@RESOURCE[LiquidFuel]]:AFTER[FuelTanksPlus] { @RESOURCE[LiquidFuel] { @amount *= 1.5 @maxAmount *= 1.5 } } @PART[*]:HAS[@RESOURCE[Oxidizer]]:AFTER[FuelTanksPlus] { @RESOURCE[Oxidizer] { @amount *= 1.5 @maxAmount *= 1.5 } } The result is what you see below: http://imgur.com/gAeIssJ (compare the right-click volume to the part selector volume)
  14. I suspect this is the wrong place (I'm also going to post in Interstellar Fuel Switch also), but I can't seem to modify the volume of the tanks via module manager. When I use the following, I see the volume increase in the part selector, but once I place the part the volume returns to normal. @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleFuelTanks]]:AFTER[FuelTanksPlus] { @MODULE[ModuleFuelTanks] { @volume *= 1.5 } } @PART[*]:HAS[@RESOURCE[LiquidFuel]]:AFTER[FuelTanksPlus] { @RESOURCE[LiquidFuel] { @amount *= 1.5 @maxAmount *= 1.5 } } @PART[*]:HAS[@RESOURCE[Oxidizer]]:AFTER[FuelTanksPlus] { @RESOURCE[Oxidizer] { @amount *= 1.5 @maxAmount *= 1.5 } } The result is what you see below: http://imgur.com/gAeIssJ (compare the right-click volume to the part selector volume)
  15. Tried the first... not the second. Will try the second now. EDIT: you tricked me! You edited between my refreshes. I was about to replay... "wait, that won't work". DOUBLE EDIT: Well... this will be the FIRST time I've ever used variables on atmosphereCurve and didn't get an error. - - - Updated - - - Felbourn, you're a genius. It works. It actually works. I thought I had a typo, but when I checked in game values, it was fine. so I'm unclear as to what "0[1, ]" and "1[1, ]" actually do. Well, I know what they do... I don't really know why. @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleEngines*]] { @MODULE[ModuleEngines*] { @heatProduction *= 0.33 @atmosphereCurve { key0 = #$key,0[1, ]$ @key0 *= 1.3 @key,0 = #0 $key0$ key1 = #$key,1[1, ]$ @key1 *= 1.3 @key,1 = #1 $key1$ } } }