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  1. After a ton of tinkering and eventually finding the time to put together a youtube video, the Minnow Crew Return Vehicle is finally ready. It's 90% recoverable, the exception being the fairings and the 2nd stage service module. The 1st stage lands on the peninsula East of the KSC, and the CRV itself glides back before deploying parachutes above its landing site.
  2. Another little cinematic showing off my Crew Return Vehicle, and a recoverable 1st stage a la SpaceX:
  3. Yeah, I think I tried that mod a year or two ago when it was first released. Not had much time to keep up with mods lately, might give it another go on my next install (I'm still playing with 1.2.2 at the moment) Anyway, here's another short cinematic showing off the Bogatyr Mig-17 ripoff from the last video, as well as my Flanker/Fulcrum ripoff called the Kossack, both of which are designed solely for FAR and use only stock parts:
  4. Thought I'd put together a dogfight video of my two best fighters, both built soley for Ferram Aerospace out of stock parts:
  5. Here's another very short cinematic I made today to showcase my latest aircraft, the Bogatyr, which is definitely not a MiG-17 ripoff!
  6. Been working on a (relatively) realistic stock MiG-17 for FAR this week, so I figured I'd make a short cinematic showing it off. As with all the aircraft I build for FAR, the cockpit reaction wheels are disabled so that only the control surfaces are used. Some of the footage was sped up a tad to make it fit the tune better, but most of it is in realtime:
  7. Love the design so far Cratzz. I recently posted a video of the variable geometry wing setup I used for my T-4MS. It's very similar to the picture you linked of the real F-14 wing. I also posted an explanation on the Infernal Robotics Rework thread if you're interested.
  8. Finally found the time to update to 1.2.2 and get all the graphics mods working properly. I've also spent a lot of time fiddling with my shuttle to make it more economical by swapping the two LFO engines around so that the expensive 'Vector' engine was on the shuttle, and not on the external fuel tank. I've attempted to make the EFT recoverable as well but it takes a LOT of chutes to stop it from hitting the water too hard and they ruin the aesthetics. You might also notice the the station is looking a little different to the picture in my first post. I re-designed the truss to bring the part count down, as well as allowing several parts to fit inside the shuttle's cargo bay to reduce the number of launches. Bonus points to anyone who can spot Haven's shadow in the last part of the video!
  9. Here's episode 5 of my continuing mission to (very slowly) build a station in LKO:
  10. Hi guys, I figured since I got some great advice from kcs123 and V8jester I'd share my solution to the floppy swing wings issue. It took a little time, but a combo of IR extendatrons, rototrons, and quantum struts has all-but solved the problem. The wing is primarily powered by the rototron on the leading edge wing root. I placed a robotruss adaptor on the wing root near the trailing edge, and then a bearing onto that. A stackable extendatron is attached to this bearing in such a way that minimises its length. This prevents it from acting like a long lever, and so allows less vertical movement. The other end of the extendatron has a quantum strut on it that is pointed directly at another bearing. This second bearing is attached to the body of the aircraft using another robotruss adaptor rather than a bearing hub. There's still a little bit of vertical movement when the wings are being swept in flight, but no where near as much as before. I'm now able to fly it with the wings 'unlocked', held onto the body only by these Infernal Robotics parts, though I normally lock them in place with a quantum strut gun just in case.
  11. I finally gave up waiting for an official release of FAR, installed the supersecret dev version and built this, a (re)creation of Sukhoi's planned T-4MS "200" partially-stealthy supersonic strategic bomber from the late 1970s. Click on the gif below to link to an imgur album with loads of background information about the real thing, as well as some of my craft's specs and the mods I used. And here's a video showcasing what it can do. Unfortunately BDArmory Continued doesn't play nicely with any of the nuclear weapon mods, so I couldn't show you what it's really designed for: dropping nuclear weapons from high altitude while moving at mach 3. Even with 20+ km of separation, the blast always destroys the aircraft.
  12. Finally had the time to update to KSP 1.2.2! Here's a short video showcasing a recreation of Sukhoi's proposed variable geometry bomber, the T-4MS 200.
  13. Thanks, I'll definitely try the robotruss adaptors. I should be able to hide another extendatron in the body as well, should help to spread the load. The thickness of the washer isn't too much of an issue. In the pictures I posted, I've used the offset tool to raise the whole wing assembly above the body so it could be seen. I did prefer the thickness of the old washers, but I was worried that being 'legacy' parts that they wouldn't be phased out. I might try using them instead of the new models out of necessity now though.
  14. Hi guys, I'm looking for a bit of advice. I'm building a variable geometry swing-wing aircraft for Ferram Aeropace (the super secret dev build of FAR that works fine as far as I can tell). I'm using this parts rework of IR and the dev build of KJR that V8Jester kindly provided a installation guide to a few pages back. My problem is that my wings need to be hinged at the leading edge root, and so pitching up or down causes the trailing edge to bend and poke through the body of the aircraft. I've got quantum struts to lock them in place after changing the wing sweep, but the transition is problematic. This is a pic of my setup. I'm using the new rototron for the hinge, and I've currently got an extendatron with a bearing at each end in an effort to stop the trailing edge of the wing wobbling up and down, but it doesn't work particularly well. Does anyone know if there's a way to make these more rigid? I've tried turning the rigid attachment tweakable on, I've tried turning autostruts on for the IR parts in various combos, and I've tried using stock and modded struts attached to the wings and/or IR parts. I get a little bit of extra rigidity with the rigid attachment tweakable, but strutting just locks the wings in place.
  15. I'm having an issue using the nuclear weapons similar to that mentioned by lolzor back in September. I can be flying at nearly mach 3 with 22km between me and any nuclear weapon, and my craft will die from overheating regardless. I've tried editing the cfg file to reduce blastradius and blastpower parameters without luck. Does anyone have a fix for this? EDIT: forgot to mention that I've got the latest release of BDArmory continued, NKD, and CAL. I've also got Ferram Aerospace, ProceduralParts, B9 aerospace 6.3.1, B9 Pwings, Kerbal Foundaries continued, InfernalRobotics 2.0.10 and parts rework installed.