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  1. Thanks for getting back to me so fast HaArLiNsH. Is there anyway to disable this in the current version of the mod?
  2. Hi guys, Recently updated to 1.3.1 (yeah, I know I'm behind the times but I was waiting for a FAR release that was less buggy). I've installed TRR and I'm getting some annoying bugs in IVA mode. The eyes and teeth of my kerbals are visible (see video below) regardless of whether I have a suit texture pack installed or not. Can someone tell me if there's a fix for this? Thanks in advance
  3. It's been a busy few months, but I'm finally getting back to my little LKO station. In this video I send a recoverable resupply craft to the station to make sure they don't starve now that I've got TAC life support running.
  4. I've almost completed my longterm station-building project. In this video I send up a little resupply craft with a fully recoverable 1st and 3rd stage (no additional mods required!). Next video will show the cupola module being installed, and my LKO station will finally be finished.
  5. I thought that might be the problem. I built a simple aircraft from scratch in the new install and in 1.2.2 to compare them. There was a significant drop in the wing strength. Where my aircraft might be able to pull 11g at 1000m altitude in 1.2.2, it would fail somewhere from 5g to 7g in 1.3 with the same wing mass/strength settings. I checked FAR's settings as well just to make sure that they were the same in both installs.
  6. It's really weird that there's nothing to account for this in the code. I'll try adding it to Github this afternoon but I'm a bit clueless with the site (other than downloading stuff from there). I've found that I'd need to significantly increase the mass of the wing pieces to regain the performance my aircraft had in 1.2.2, not just the ailerons. This isn't always a good solution though as it shifts the CoM much farther backwards, meaning I've got start rebalancing the fuel and potentially moving the fuselage and engine parts around to compensate. No me gusta
  7. I don't suppose anyone can help me figure out why FAR 0.15.9 has greatly reduced the strength of wings, or alternatively increased the likelihood of aerodynamic failures? I posted about this problem twice over a month ago (here and here) but didn't get any replies. I'd really appreciate it if someone could tell me whether this is a bug or an intentional change. If it's a bug then I'll stick with 1.2.2 for now, but if it's intentional then I can start rebalancing all my craft for 1.3.1.
  8. Can you tell I've got too much free time lately? Here's another short cinematic showing the latest addition to my LKO station:
  9. Awww, my little ISS knockoff is nearing completion! I'll have to start building something else soon. In this video I add some storage tanks with oxygen, water and food before I enable the TAC Life Support mod, as well as waste storage and some LFO:
  10. So some people thought that landing on an aircraft carrier wasn't much of a challenge. Well, how about landing a helicopter on a ship... that's moving... with Ferram Aerospace installed just for sh*ts and giggles?
  11. Just in addition to my previous post, when I get an aerodynamic failure the F3 log doesn't register which parts have failed. This is a completely clean install of KSP 1.3 and FAR 0.15.9, I didn't even bother changing any of the graphics settings hence the lower resolution screenshot. I've tested this with the E42 aircraft that ships with FAR as well as aircraft scratch built in 1.3 and I get exactly the same result:
  12. Hi guys, Just updated to KSP 1.3 (x64 for Windows) and installed the latest release of FAR but I'm getting some weird behaviour. I'm not using any mods other than the required ModuleFlightIntegrator and ModuleManager. An entirely stock craft built in 1.2.2 that was capable of pulling over 11g without any failures now only pulls 7g before it fails at the same altitude and speed. I've not changed any of the wing mass/strength tweakables, and everything seems to be set up just as it was in 1.2.2. Have aero failures been made more common? I can't see any changes to the values in the FAR debug menu, and I've tested this on craft built from scratch in 1.3. Output Log The second issue is regarding slippy landing gear. With FAR installed, an aircraft will begin to slowly slide sideways as soon as it spawns on the runway. It doesn't seem to matter how high the friction tweakable is set either. This only happens with FAR v0.15.9 installed. It also doesn't seem to affect the small landing gear, only the medium, large and extra large parts. Lastly, I've noticed that even without any reaction wheels or cockpit torque turned on, an aircraft will have a huge amount of yaw authority moving at very slow speeds on the runway, even as slow as 1 to 2m/s. It was so easy to turn that I had to double check that steering was disabled on the landing gear. Is this intentional? I did wonder if this was a result of the landing gear sliding I mentioned above. EDIT: after changing some of the tweakables and saving the craft, the sliding and excessive yaw seems to have disappeared. Still getting aero failures at much lower speeds though.
  13. Thanks. I'm going to try them both out when I get a chance
  14. Thanks! I had a cursory search of the forums a few hours ago to see if anyone had made a parafoil but found nothing other than the ones on the Contares spaceplanes. Going to try this out tonight. Do you know if it collapses after you land like parachutes do? Also it looks like the part needs to be mounted horizontal. Do you know if it still works if the part is mounted at an angle?
  15. I recently finished tweaking my crew return vehicle for KSP version 1.2.2 and FAR. It is made entirely from stock parts, and it's 90% recoverable if launched into an equatorial orbit, including a 1st stage which lands SpaceX style on the peninsula to the East of the KSC. The only thing that is discarded is the service module. The CRV itself is a glider, and because it has such a small wing area it tends to stall below about 90m/s. This made it very difficult to land on wheeled gear. They also added a lot of mass, making the fuel margins for the 1st stage landing much much smaller, so I eventually replaced them with parachutes a bit like the X-38's parafoil. Speaking of which, if someone could make a parafoil mod for KSP that'd be great. You can download the craft on KerbalX here. I've included an album below showing the CRV and booster in more detail (the images are huge thanks to supersampling, so make sure to zoom!):