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  1. Damn it, my forum PM notifications were set wrong. Haven't been around here for a while, lots of PMs went unanswered - very sorry for that. About the Graphotron takeover - this has my full support. I'd gladly continue development and support of the mod, but due to current work and study situation free time is nearly non-existent. I will try and come along here more often that I recently used to and actually answer PMs and threads where my presence is required/welcome, but as for actual dev work, it's better if someone who actually has time to do it takes over at this point. I guess this thread is better off closed, and a more up-to-date one will be opened by Ezriilc.
  2. Not quite r4m0n (MechJeb author) was kind enough to include the link in parts of the interface, but the site isn't affiliated with him in any way.
  3. Noted, this is a good idea. I'll add an option to trigger saving data on part destruction or unload. As for recording without the UI being visible, that's always been possible. CSV export saves only what's on screen, although again, I can add an option to save everything, since all available data is recorded anyway, whether the sensors are active or not.
  4. They're already in, add an Accelerometer (stock sensor) to your craft and activate it.
  5. OK everyone, chill. No need to make this a conflict of some sort, this is just a poll for some R/C rover names, for crying out loud. Taunting and teasing is fine by me as long as language and general attitude towards other users all stay within the limit of the forum rules. Several posts in this thread have ventured beyond those limits, and were deleted and infracted accordingly; please refrain from going there again.
  6. I just tried downloading my copy from the Store. The download URL is different from what is linked above, but it works just fine. Have you got any sort of adblocker enabled that could be blocking the download for some reason?
  7. Basically, what everyone has said: no, going into a retrograde parking orbit is a waste of delta-V. I originally made the same mistake when programming http://ksp.olex.biz, but it has since been corrected, and it calculates transfers to both higher and lower planets using an efficient prograde parking orbit and showing you the required ejection angle from it.
  8. Obviously, the Danger Zone. Because who doesn't test their jet designs over there, flying supersonic blasting Kenny Loggins.
  9. Closing, this has been inactive for two years and there are no signs of activity by the author on the forum.
  10. Closing thread. New one will result in infractions all around.
  11. This is from the latest KSP Weekly, HarvesteR's work for the past week. So not all is lost, we might be able to keep our space programs just yet.
  12. Do yourself a favor and don't try this out on a heli until you are 100% sure it works. Helis are the most dangerous sort of flying R/C vehicles (with a possible exception of rockets). Start with something simple like a powered glider (EasyStar/Bixler type), that is mostly stable in itself and can easily be controlled manually if an override is required. A heli, save for the tiniest sizes (100/150) has a lot more of a damage potential than planes and even multirotors, due to the sheer amount of kinetic energy in the single rotor.
  13. Absolutely. Closed-loop control systems are exactly this - computers controlling air- and spacecraft, stabilizing them in flight. You can find them anywhere these days, from space rockets to airliners to even model airplanes and multicopters (the latter actually require constant computer stabilization to even fly). duncan1297, with the forum status of "RC Pilot" you should know that these systems are readily available for R/C airplanes Google "ArduPilot Mega" for an example.
  14. Merged the thread with Motokid600's, since they are really the same thing. Please use the forum search function when creating new threads to see if it has already been discussed.
  15. How did you know?! The user below me will be another moderator, against all odds.
  16. Multiple docking is possible. It was implemented at tester's request during the experimental phase for v0.18 when docking was first introduce. The way it works is, one pair of docking ports establishes an actual docking and joins the part trees of both craft as usual, and the other pairs only connect up with a physical link, like struts.
  17. Harvester once said that random failures won't ever happen in KSP - this way, mission success depends on player skill alone and not on luck. KSP can be frustrating enough without random failures. However, I do see this a potential plugin idea - sort of like Deadly Re-entry, something to make the game harder and more realistic for the players who want it that way.
  18. Self-destruct would do more harm than good with the Proton, since the fuels it's using are all highly toxic - better it impacts the desert floor than spreading a poisonous cloud up high in the air.
  19. The existing part wasn't compatible to 0.20.x, unless you manually changed the .cfg. However, if you have a save where the part is on some ship already, yes, it should work. Good idea, I'll add an option for that.
  20. I'll see what I can do - the framework for adding new sources is in place, I just need to figure out how to gather the Isp info efficiently.
  21. New thread about graphotron can be found here: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/119337 The Graphotron 2000 is a part and a plugin used to plot sensor output and flight information. Requires KSP 0.20.x. Works with 0.21.x. Seeing all those sensors in KSP, but not knowing what to do with them? Now, you can use them to do SCIENCE! Use the Graphotron 2000 to plot sensor output and flight data against time and get insight into the performance of your space rocket, the usefulness of Duna atmosphere for aerobraking at differentt altitudes, and whatever else you can come up with. Thanks to DYJ for providing the awesome part model, and to khyperia for the great pixel font. Changelog v0.2.1: Repacked for KSP v0.20.x compatibility v0.2: Long-awaited update: - Resizeable graph area - Optional larger label font - Optional graph legend - CSV raw data export - Option to reset the plot - New data sources, including any resources - Toggle UI and plotting using action groups - Optional actiovation on staging v0.1.2: Added dynamic pressure graph v0.1.1: Initial working release v0.1: Initial release Download on SpacePort: http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/graphotron-2000/ Source available on GitHub. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
  22. For a folding spacecraft, you'll need a mod that allows you to have folding/moving parts - take a look at Damned Robotics, it's the most-used one for the purpose.
  23. It's explained well on the Wiki: http://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Maneuver_node
  24. Awesome. Congrats for passing the checkride!
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